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January Joys

There you go – just like that we have a full, spectacular and fresh new year stretched out ahead of us. I spent my summer break Instagramming like a mad woman and discovering new goodies to backfill all that space I created in my infamous seasonal wardrobe cull. Here’s what I’m eyeballing this month.

They’ve been around almost 20 years, but if you’ve heard of British label YMC (You Must Create), you’re doing better than me. I’m enjoying their slightly industrial, slightly utilitarian, slightly androgynous style. Clothing is part of their repertoire, for both men and women, but for me it’s their accessories where they really stand out. Prices start at around £12.00.

Speaking of accessories, local (and new) label, Plus Equals is full of minimal, simple and entirely chic totes, satchels and other such functional goodies. With focus on the wearer (and not the label) you won’t find logos emblazoned all over these bad boys, either. Prices kick off at $450.00 AUD.

Wow this post is just a segue sensation… because whilst I’m on the subject of local labels, Assembly Label springs to mind. They’ve only just added womenswear to their dance card, and damn it was worth the wait. Simple, relaxed and unassuming with a price point to match, Assembly Label will undoubtedly become the wardrobe staple go-to for cool girls everywhere. Prices from $29.95 AUD.


Bright silk scarf street style
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New Year Style Resolution Two: Nail Silk Scarves

I’ve always admired people who can wear printed silk scarves and not look like a nanna or an airline stewardess. Or worse, a retired airline stewardess who just can’t let go of her former profession. Basically it strikes me as something that take a serious command of fashion… and dammit, this is going to be my year.

I actually have a relatively reasonable scarf collection and every now and then I tie one to the handle of my handbag or use it as an impromptu turban when an occasion calls for headwear. For the most part however, they sit neatly rolled in my top dresser drawer.

A careful analysis of the street style library that is Google shows us that there are many more options available however, from knotting into a necklace or wrapping as a bracelet to casual draping as a second layer or wearing as a belt. In fact, when you look closely at many of the outfits demonstrated below, you’ll see that for many of them it’s actually the scarf that makes the outfit, taking it from simple to street style.

Don’t believe me? See it for yourself…

GAME ON I say! And yes, my existing collection is reasonable. But if I’m going to do this thing I should really commit to it with fervour, passion and a few new additions, surely?

Here’s what’s making my wish list…

Kenzo printed scarf

Kenzo Lotus-Eye print scarf – $165.00 AUD

Liberty London Star Scarf

Liberty London red London Star scarf – £165.00

Liberty London Pink Ianthe Silk Scarf

Liberty London pink Ianthe scarf – £110.00

Givenchy Rotweiler Scarf

Givenchy Rotweiler scarf – £220.00

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake Animal Print Scarf

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake Animal Print scarf – $108.89 AUD

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New Year Style Resolution One: Wear Flats To The Office

I’m not really one for new year’s resolutions (call me a square but I’m more about goals and objectives) although I do love a good closet clean out over the summer holidays. All this culling got me thinking… what style rules have I created that are worth a rethink?

I was speaking to a colleague recently and found myself declaring that I’d never wear flats to see a particular client as  flats would just feel too dressed down. Cue internal sartorial challenge. I’ve since been on the lookout and have come to the conclusion that’s it’s all in the mind. Flats can look polished, just like heels can look sloppy… although whilst what’s happening from your ankles down plays a big role (gumboots, uggboots, flip flops – you’re never looking smart, my vertically challenged friends), what you’ve got going on from the ankles up has a lot to answer for too.

So, my first new year style resolution? Embrace some flattery in an office environ.

Here’s my evidence it’s possible.

And not to abandon you there, here’s what’s on my shopping shortlist… bring on the challenge!

Topshop Swiftheart Flats

Topshop Swiftheart flats – £26.00

ASOS Mozzer Loafers

ASOS Mozzer embellished loafers – $49.00 AUD

Topshop Komo Flats

Topshop KOMO pony-effect slippers – £25.00

Lanvin point toe bow flats

Lanvin point-toe patent leather flats – $600.00ish AUD

Habbot gunmetal Journal pewter

Habbot Studios gunmetal pewter Journal lace-up – $320.00 AUD

Habbot Argyle Blue Tartan lace-up flatas
Habbot Studios argyle blue tartan lace-up – $150.00 AUD

Spencer Wide Boat Brim
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December Desires

Heck yeah, December! I’m a sucker for this time of year. There’s a sea of soirees to look forward to as the days get longer and the temperature heats up, topped off by a fresh start come January 1. Here’s what I’m wishing for this December.

Shinola Double Strap Birdy

A Shinola watch – made in Detroit and made to last. Shinola has a bunch of classic watches and then a few of the classic-with-a-twist types, like this one called The Birdy, $525.00 USD.

Mara and Mine Jem Skull flats

Mara and Mine loafers – if you think I’m obsessed with loafers, you’re right. These skeletal sisters are undeniably quirky yet somehow office appropriate ($350.00 AUD).

A Borboleta Affair x Patricia Chang bag – speaking of quirky, Borboleta’s new fur friend inspired bags have all the makings of an It Bag (and without the It Tag – $250.00 USD).

Spencer Wide Boat Brim

A gorgeous hat. Stylish or sun smart? This wide-brimmed boater from Lack of Color keeps the mystery up. At $60.00 AUD way cheaper than the laser treatment you’ll need for sun spots in about a decade too.


Cuyana Shopper
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Lust List: October

October is such a great month! The seasons they are a-changing and new styles are hitting shop windows hard. A new season of styles coupled with some new finds is frankly, my idea of nirvana. So without further waffle, here are my finds of the month…

Emerson Fry

New York born and bred, this is one label that’s going to go places. Whether you work in a ‘smart casual’ sort of environment or you just rock the ‘minimalist-model-off-duty’ look, you’re going to adore the face off Emerson Fry. Prices start around the $50.00 USD mark for a pair of knitted hats. I just ordered a gorgeous white shirt dress (shown below) – now a total bargain at just $98.00 USD.



These folks take the idea of transparent pricing to a new level, choosing to show the cost of every individual component of their luxury essentials. From the zips to the labour involved, it’s all there. They do their homework too, carefully choosing the best artisans for every type of garment or accessory from all over the world. Best of all perhaps, the upfront nature of their costing combined with such careful selection makes for some rather competitive prices. Personally, I’m eyeballing their loafers (wait list only) and Petra cross-body bag ($365.00 USD). Men, they haven’t forgotten you either.



Admittedly their philosophy of ‘fewer, better things’ is a notion close to my heart, but one glance at this label and you’ll see why I’m so enamored. Simple, clean and unfussy with a focus on quality. What’s not to love? Prices kick off at $40.00 USD for a tee, but I’m particularly crazy about the monogrammed shopper totes made from thick, smooshy leather and at the bargain price of $160.00 USD.

Denim In The Freezer
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But Seriously: Denim In The Freezer?

As anyone who’s anyone knows, jeans are at their best when washed very occasionally (in fact, Nudie recommend waiting 6 months before you wash their dry denim for the first time). It doesn’t take much to work out that whilst aesthetically and texturally ideal, this system can and will inevitably lead to some olfactory issues. Enter water-free cleaning options.

For some time now, my go-to solution has been The Laundress Fabric Fresh spray, which is fresh and pleasant and generally does the job quite well. Recently however, I was reminded of simple but curious home-made remedy – plonking your favourite pair in the freezer overnight. The premise is simple; the sub-zero temperature knocks off any odour-causing bacteria resulting in a chilled-but-clean pair of jeans (stains excluded).

So, I thought I’d give it a go. For obvious reasons, you need to seal your jeans in an airtight bag or container so that they don’t develop icicles or get wet. I used a Korjo large, snap sealed bag ($7.95 AUD / 5) bought from a luggage store. My experiment denim is a pair of Nudie ‘Tube Tom’ style jeans – 999.00 SEK. I’ve had them quite some time and worn them often, most recently to move house (translation: STINKY).

Denim In The Freezer

The ‘method’ here is alarmingly simple: fold them up, stick them in the bag, squash out the air and seal it up. Sling them in the freezer and wait 12 hours / overnight. I also tried waiting 48 hours to see if there was any difference in the result or feel of the fabric.

Denim In The Freezer

The result?

Sadly, basically nothing. They still smelt like they’d been worn to move house. The fabric perhaps felt a little softer, but on the whole no change. As indicated above, I tried both overnight and 2 day options to see if it were a matter of time, but no.

In summary… stick to fabric fresh sprays.

White tee white skirt
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45 Ways To Wear A White T-Shirt

Ah, the humble white tee. The right one can be so versatile, so effortless and, well, perfect for any occasion. Here, we’ve curated a collection of 45 street style, blog and magazine editorial shots all featuring a white tee to inspire you… (click to enlarge any image).

Whilst your white tee may be a basic, it pays to find the perfect one for you. Cotton, silk, linen, thick and heavy or tissue light, fitted or loose, they all have their place. Most of all though, it’s important to invest. A good quality white tee will last for years. Here are some of our favourites.

7 White T-Shirts

  1. Equipment Cameron white silk tee – $306.00 AUD
  2. J.Crew vintage cotton v-neck tissue tee – $43.20 AUD. Sizing tip: go down a size if you prefer a slim fit. These babies are roomy!
  3. James Perse cotton scoop neck tee – $93.31 AUD
  4. American Apparel organic cotton fine jersey short sleeve tee – $28.00 AUD. Our fave!
  5. Whistles Evie dart detail cropped tee – £65.00
  6. 3 Fish fair-trade white cotton tee – $35.00 AUD
  7. Petit Bateau women’s round neck vintage cotton tee – £17.50. These have cult status for a reason.


black and leather
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Timeless Trend: Leather

Another week, another timeless trend! This week, we’re making the declaration about leather. Leather you see, is a versatile beast.

Leather biker jackets give your denim a rockstar edge and dress down cocktail dresses. Don a pair of leather trousers and you not only have instant style cred, you can easily go from cocktails to the footy and be appropriately dressed for both.

Leather pencil skirts on the other hand, when worn with a silk shirt give you a polished vibe suitable for the office. But swap the shirt for a vintage tee and slip on a pair of trainers and hey presto – you’re street style photo bait.

Season after season this is one key wardrobe ingredient that never dates. Here’s how bloggers, fashion editors, celebrities and folks on the street are wearing it…

Why let your bags and shoes have all the fun? We’ve pulled together an edit of 10 leather pieces to inspire you.

Timeless Trend - Leather Edit


1. Alexander Wang camisole leather strip dress – $2,950.00 USD
2. Reiss cognac leather weave blazer – $508.00 AUD
3. Whistles sky blue leather top – £350.00
4. DKNY leather sleeve coat – $750.00 AUD
5. Topshop leather wrap skirt – £100.00
6. Fendi woven leather tee – $2,835.00 AUD
7. Saba oyster leather tee – $369.00 AUD
8. Drome striped leather pencil skirt – $938.00 AUD
9. Maison Martin Margiela slouched leather trousers – $1,254.00 AUD
10. Topshop leather pencil skirt – £125.00

menswear floral
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Timeless Trend: Florals

Timeless trend? Yes, it’s a thing.

In the second of this series on timeless trends I thought I’d take a moment to clarify the difference between a ‘timeless trend’ and a ‘classic’. Allow me to be clear – a classic is never ‘out of style’ however it’s also never ‘in fashion’. When we say ‘timeless trend’ however, we’re talking about something that is repeatedly declared to be ‘on trend’ however is never really passé. For example, you’re unlikely to read that the humble white shirt is having a moment this season, but many of us would be lost without one or three in our wardrobes. Striped sailor tees, trench coats, ballet flats – all classics.

Today, we’re calling florals as a timeless trend. Whether you take yours head-to-toe, clashing, minimal or oversized, they deserve an ongoing spot in your wardrobe. As evidence we submit to you a gallery of street style and archive shots illustrating the ongoing on-trend nature of this print…

If you’re feeling the power of the petal, there are many, many items for you to choose from – our edit below. Start small with a textural print or jump right in with multiple florals in the one look. Either way, this print is here to stay.

Petal Power - our edit of floral pieces


1. Marni floral tote – $278.62 AUD

2. ASOS necktie with photographic floral print – $15.84 AUD

3. MSGM floral canvas biker jacket – $620.00 AUD

4. House of Holland bright pink lace cap – $71.72 AUD

5. Topshop limited edition metallic lace bralet  – £38.00

6. Topshop limited edition metallic lace pencil skirt  – £95.00

7. J.Crew collection silk gazar top in overblown floral – $586.60 AUD

8. Red Valentino pleated floral print skirt – $398.62 AUD

9. Zjoosh peacock silk print scarf – $79.95 AUD

10. Mother of Pearl rhea floral print silk trousers – $561.00 AUD

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Timeless Trend: Checks

Timeless trend? Eh? It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Well, having spent a far more-than-reasonable amount of time poring over fashion blogs, websites, magazines and press releases, we think we’ve identified several “trends” that just don’t die. That is, almost each and every season without fail they just keep cropping up in one form or another.

In this – the first of our new series on timeless trends – we propose that checks are a forever print.

Whether you take yours as a box check, grid, tartan or gingham, this is a print for everyone, every season. Men, women, preppy, minimalist, eclectic, fashion-forward, deconstructed, it’s a go-anywhere, do-anything trend. Don’t believe us? Here, we’ve collated a gallery of street style (and a few archive) shots showing how this print just keeps going and going.

Want in on the action? Here’s our selection of check pieces available right now, but trust us… there are lots more where these came from.

Check This Out

  1. Next black check mesh dress – £68.00
  2. J.Crew metallic gingham iPhone cover – $43.30 AUD
  3. Tory Burch chunky gingham ring – £52.71
  4. Finders Keepers Star Eyes’ tee – $143.00 USD
  5. Versace gingham baroque shirt – $961.00 AUD
  6. Whistles ‘Chalk Check’ sequin trouser – £95.00
  7. Miu Miu checked wool-blend sweater – $864.83
  8. Burberry Brit lapis blue cotton gingham shirt – $233.33 AUD
  9. Mary Katrantzou ‘Foli’ rose print leggings – € 360.00
  10. Topshop blurry check pencil skirt – £40.00