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Mary Kate Olsen - Bob Haircut
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5 New Season Trends You Can Try Right Now

Looking to give your look a little makeover just in time for 2014? Here are five trends you can try without commitment… 

Put a headband on it

Overhaul your look in the next few minutes with a Dolce and Gabbana-esque head adornment.  Ultra-fem is the vibe here, but your options are diverse:  Khloe Kardashian’s scarf wrapped curls, Kate Beckinsale’s updo bow or a classic floral wreath.

The candied pout

Pop lips have been muted down this season in a more understated, but still eye-catching way.  Take notes from Blake Lively and Jennifer Hudson, who finished their faces off with a sweetly delicate candy pink pout.

Drop it low

It’s the classic long-hanging pony tail, but with a cute twist.   Sling it down at the front so your ears are covered, for a very chic and slick finish.

Aqua Eyes

Metallic, navy, azure – options are endless, just give this hue a spin this season. It’s surprisingly flattering on all:  blue eyes will appreciate the synchronicity, whereas green, hazel and brown eyes will find the contrast to be deeply alluring to all.

The shoulder-grazer

Sure, Jennifer Lawrence, Pam Anderson and Jennifer Hudson are making waves with their pixie cuts, but the proportion of us about to going to take to the scissors that hard is considerably less than an elongated bob. Nonetheless, length is OUT, and the benefits of shoulder-grazer hair are aplenty. It’s chic, healthy (for your strands) and can be styled in a myriad of ways. Not ready to commit? Try a faux-bob to give it a road test, even if just for the night.


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12 More Online Stores That Ship Worldwide

Best Made Co

True story… one of the first pieces I ever published on The Lifestyle Department is one of our most popular. 12 Fantastic Online Stores That Ship Worldwide is singlehandedly responsible for anywhere up to a quarter of our site traffic every single day. So hey, you’ve voted with your clicking finger and we heard you – here are 12 more stores we love (and not just because they ship internationally!). In no particular order…

  1. Tuckernuck – in a nutshell, Tuckernuck (or tnuck as the insiders call it) sells all things quintessentially American. Think super preppy pieces from labels like Saint James (French striped sailor tees), Kiel Mead (ordinary items made into beautiful jewellery) and Armor Lux (wet weather gear FTW!).
  2. Cult Beauty – like it says on the can, Cult Beauty stocks a really smart edit; rather than chasing entire collections from top brands, they stock only the most effective products. You know, the ones it seems every other model and celebrity is swearing by. If you really want a place to start, our picks are Sunday Riley (check out Good Genes and Ceramic Slip) and Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe. Spend more than £40.00 and they’ll throw in free samples. Spend £50.00 and it’ll arrive on your doorstep anywhere in the world, for free.
  3. – the perfect combo of premium labels alongside emerging talent, is a bit different to the majority of other fashion stores out there covering both mens and womens goodies. We love their weekly magazine delivered straight to our inboxes and super duper fast shipping (order on Friday, delivered to Australia on Monday – win!).
  4. Bluefly – the first place to check if you’re chasing a bargain from labels like Chloe, Diane Von Furstenberg, Miu Miu, Coach, J Brand, NARS and even Adidas. Bluefly stock not just fashion but also homewares, kids and beauty too. This is not a site to check just once though; stock arrives and is sold frequently so you never know what you’ll find.
  5. Crane & Canopy – picture this: beautiful, high-end bedding and soft furnishings at a fraction of the regular cost. How? Crane & Canopy create their own stunning designs and then provide those designs to the factories, which sell directly to you. Put simply, they cut out folks in a the traditional bedding supply chain that contribute to a higher price point. Be warned though: international shipping rates aren’t cheap.
  6. Bauble Bar – if you’ve got your heart set on some sparkly, well made costume jewellery, you need to know about Bauble Bar. This store is filled to the brim with statement necklaces, cocktail rings and even clip-on earrings. With prices this good though, we doubt you’ll be able to stop at just one piece.
  7. My Wardrobe – it isn’t just their edit of pieces from a mix of established and up-and-coming labels like Raoul, Mother of Pearl, Sophie Hulme and Mawi, that makes us love My Wardrobe. It’s their fantastic loyalty programme, free shipping days and great styling that keeps us coming back. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter so you’re the first to know about VIP sales too.
  8. Whistles – directional British high street fashion wherever you are in the world? Heck yes. Whistles offers a gorgeous array of classic-but-contemporary pieces that you’re unlikely to see on anyone else outside the UK. Better yet, international shipping is free!
  9. Amara – as far as we’ve seen, interiors shopping hasn’t quite caught up with its household siblings fashion and electronics on the online shopping front. So we were thrilled to discover Amara – a fantastic source of luxury labels like Missoni Home, Mulberry Home, Alessi and Sonia Rykiel Maison. Make sure to check out their online outlet section and if you’re hesitating over the ‘add to cart’ button, remember orders over a certain value (it’s different for every country) qualify for free international shipping.
  10. Ausmode – stocking a veritable who’s who of Australian designers, Ausmode boasts free shipping, not just within Australia, but worldwide too. Plus, sign up for their newsletter and you’ll receive $25 off your first order. Check it out for labels like Willow, Lover, Ellery and Ksubi.
  11. Best Made – think of your local Army Surplus store, and then give it a minimalist, utilitarian-but-hipster twist and you have Best Made. Super chic striped wool throws, scout badges, enamel steel cups and even -wait for it- custom axes. Get your camp on!
  12. Notemaker – if like us, you’re a sucker for gorgeous stationery, ignore the mainstream and find something more boutique like Behance action sheets, Rifle Paper Co wrapping paper and notecards and Papier Tigre calendars. Thankfully, shipping is a flat rate so load on up!
Beauty phrases that drive us crazy!
Beauty & Health

4 Beauty Phrases That Drive Us Crazy!

Beauty phrases that drive us crazy!

There’s always a lot of information flying around in the beauty realm.  Most of it informative; most of it geared to making our lives easier; but unfortunately, a lot that’s just plain annoying.  Behold: our top four beauty “sayings” that we’re well and truly over…

“Your hair is fine, but you’ve got lots of it”

As a beauty writer who visits a lot of salons, and the (not so) proud owner of extremely fine hair, I probably get told this with every new stylist I meet. I’m always perplexed. What does it even mean? “I do have lots of hair, thank you!  Probably about 100 000 strands, if I got around to counting them…”

Thick and thin relates to the diameter measurement of the hair strand, not the overall amount that have.  Don’t we all have lots of hair?  Isn’t that the point?

“I just drink eight glasses of water a day for my great skin”.

Said every model, ever lived. And they will have been told this by every makeup artist they work with, so they’ll believe it. Just like we’re sprouted the wisdom that our bodies need to be subjected to cleanses every quarter to remove “toxins”, this is largely still one of the greatest myths floating about.  There’s not enough evidence to suggest this is how one becomes Miranda Kerr.

Most experts agree that a good moisturiser and sunscreen is a far better combination for healthy, glowing skin than forcing yourself to guzzle excessive bottles of water.

“Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins”.

You’ve probably heard this in every beauty story ever written. The premise holds up:  if you keep plucking away every hair to try and match your brows up, you’d probably end up plucking them all off.

But in the hands of a professional, it’s their job to get your brows to look as identical as possible.  Beauty is about symmetry after all, and having two eyebrows with differing shapes isn’t doing your face any favours.

“I want the old Hollywood glamour look”

Not so much this one being untrue, just overused. Yep, we can’t innocently browse Pinterest or look at any red carpet award season event without seeing this reference pop up everywhere. Of course the beauty looks of screen stars like Greta Garbo, Lauren Bacall and Marlene Dietrich past are inspirationally beautiful, but it’s a tried and testing deep-lip-and-side-swept-waves formula we need to move on from.

A classic red lipstick is one of the only eternally chic things everybody agrees on, and side-parted, brushed out curls is as modern as it is retrospective. Let’s pray come next awards season, our favourite celebs have found a new beauty look to try out.

Readers: which beauty phrases drive you nuts? 



Top 5 Beauty Mistakes We ALL Make
Beauty & Health

The Top 5 Beauty Mistakes We ALL Make

Top 5 Beauty Mistakes We ALL Make

No preamble needed! You know it, we know it, we all make these mistakes and now it’s time to stop. Although admittedly, they might not be as obvious as the one shown above…


Washing your face with dirty hands

So simple, but how many times do you apply cleanser directly onto your hands, before transferring straight to your face?  Soap up, before you cleanse up.

Misusing conditioner

Whether you’ve got thin hair, thick hair, oily hair or something else altogether, shampoo is designed to cleanse your scalp and roots, while conditioner moisturises your mid-lengths to ends.  Apply only from your ears down, and ensure you don’t waste product by squeezing the excess water from your strands before you apply.

Mixing up the order of products 

Many of us have a multi-system of products targeting different skin concerns at night. A brightening serum for correcting skin tone, an anti-aging cream that you apply on specific wrinkle zones, your standard moisturiser.  So which do you apply first and last?  The rules goes, the product with the most active ingredients gets applied nearest to the skin, and you’d generally finish with your moisturiser. Remember take an extra two minutes and let every layer absorb properly before applying the next.

Rubbing your wrists together after spraying fragrance

A total no-no, but it’s second nature  – we all do it.  Rubbing your wrists together destroys fragrance molecules so the actual scent is disturbed, and it won’t last as long. Spritz each wrist individually, and allow to properly absorb into the skin.

Neglecting your neck

Guess what – your face should actually stop at your chest. It’s time to stop ignoring that area between your face and décolletage. Bring moisturiser down all the way past your chin until you hit your chest.  Yes, you’ll go through product faster, but the neck area is one of those key areas that’s going to age faster later on.

Karlie Kloss Smoky Eye
Beauty & Health

5 Ingredients For The Perfect Smoky Eye

Smoky Eye

The classic smoky is foolproof gorgeousness.  Keep these five products in your arsenal and you’ll be forever able to whip one out in a moment’s notice

Featuring a mix of high pigment matte and luminous shades, this trio makes navigating a smoked-out look a cinch.  Shade your eyelid with the middle colour, define and contour with the darker hue and highlight with the luminous hit.

ModelCo Eye Shadow Trio (1) $26.00 AUD at ModelCo

The no-mascara look may be on-trend right now with it’s 90s grunge aesthetic, but your cocktail-hour eye is begging to be finished up with a high-impact, voluminous, darkest-of-dark swipe.

Almay Intense I-Colour Volumizing Mascara (2) $15.00 AUD via Almay

Fancy brushwork truly makes all the difference.  Retire your fingertips and palette brushes from your eye routine.  Not only for potential anti-bacterial stakes, but also for the ease of blending and ultra long-lasting effects using a shadow applicator brush will bring.

Nutrimetics nc Eyeshadow Blending Brush (3) $6.00 AUD at Nutrimetics

Why use a kohl pencil over a liquid liner?  Answer – a great smoky eye should look mysterious, non-perfectly arranged – the lived-in effect.  A kohl allows for bold intensity that is easily blendable or smudged.

M.A.C. Cosmetics Kohl Power Eye Pencil (4) $32.00 AUD at MAC Cosmetics

Top the entire look off with carefully-groomed brows.  This pencil will give subtle brush strokes for precise shading with a powdery finish.  Comes in blonde and brunette shades for a natural look.

Too Faced Eyebrow Pencil (5) $29.95 AUD through Kit Cosmetics


Christopher Kane Spring Beauty
Beauty & Health

5 Spring Beauty Hits

Spring Beauty Hits

Pop some corks and throw on a skirt: sweet spring relief is here.  Celebrate with us with these new seasonal buys…  

If you aren’t oiling yet, it’s your time to jump on this trend. Chemically, oil binds with oil so cleansing with this blend of certifiable perilla and olive oil lifts off all makeup and impurities, leaving a smooth and thoroughly cleansed skin.

Clarins Total Cleansing Oil (1), $31.92AUD at Adore Beauty

Want to avoid a 3pm touchup? Make your first step priming. Apply this shadow extender first, then apply foundation before coming back to apply your eye colour.  Holds your look for up to twelve hours and reduces crinkling. Winner.

Clinique All About Shadow Primer for Eyes (2), $33.00 AUD at Clinique

The king of heavenly scents (and leathergoods…) has just hit us with his latest and greatest: a fruity-sweet floral fragrance that starts with notes of mandarin orange and pear, followed by scents of honeysuckle and orange blossom before drying down to a base of honey and vanilla.

Marc Jacobs Honey (3) 50ml EDP, £50.00 via John Lewis

Channel perennial Summer with this super-fine matte bronzer.  The blend uses pink & brown tones to suit all skin tones and contains vitamins A & E for a skin-friendly boost.

NP Set California Cool Bronzing Powder (4), $24.00 AUD at NP Set

Whether nail art’s jumped the shark already is irrelevant, because Sally Hansen makes one amazing statement polish. Fuzzy coat gives a thick, dense glitter effect that’s texturized for a cool finish.  The wide brush makes for an easy application.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Textured Nail Polish (5), $9.95 AUD via Priceline


Robyn Lawley for Cosmo
Beauty & Health

5 Products For Amazing Legs

Stop dreaming of getting pins like Robyn Lawley. We may not be able to match her waist-to-ankle ratio, but we can make our stems as luminous as hers. Watch and learn…

Schick Razor

See the difference in skin a good quality razor yields:  hydrated, nourished legs ready for summer over scaly and cracked.  This lubricating blade also uses skin guards to prevent nicks.

Schick Hydro 3 Razor Kit, $10.69AUD through Priceline

The Body Shop - dry body brush

A common topic in any celebrity beauty interview:  dry body brushing. With good reason too. Body brushing increases circulation, removes dead skin cells and helps your pins to keep on glowing and glowing.

The Body Shop Cactus Brush, $22.95AUD at The Body Shop

In Essence - Detox body polish

Power up your legs ready for tanning with a detoxifying and toning exfoliator.  Cellulite banishing kelp mixes with dead sea salts and a blend of sugars to polish away grime and dead skin cells.  Make this your Sunday night ritual.

In Essence Detox Body Polish, $29.99 AUD at Priceline

Vani-T - Liquid Sun Self Tan Mist
Your fast track to fit legs. Spray on before getting dressed, allow to dry while you are putting your makeup on and spend the day beautifully bronzed.  The one-hour development time means there’s no excuse not to get your legs out.

Vani-T Velocity Rapid, $35.10AUD via Adore Tanning

Soap and Glory - Butter Yourself body cream

Keep your tan lingering for days with this super-moisturising shea butter and fig cream. Make this your last stop before running out the door for round-the-clock hotness.

Soap and Glory Butter Yourself Body Cream, $24.95 AUD at Mecca Cosmetica

Private Jet Travel image
Beauty & Health

5 Beauty Travel Heroes

Start your checklist now.  The only thing worse than forgetting to pack your bikini would be having to deal with bad hair for your two-week vacay.  We won’t let that happen…

Yes To Cucumbers - Facial Towelettes

Don’t be that person who holds up the inflight bathroom with your three-step facial.  Remove makeup, congestion and airport germs with refreshing (hand luggage size!) face wipes that you can do from the comfort of your seat.

Yes to Cucumbers On-the-go Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes, 30 wipes, $9.06 AUD at ASOS 

Archipelago Botanicals

On the road tip:  Take a scent from home and light it up when you check into your hotel.  Having the smell association will keep you grounded and help with jet lag.

Archipelago Botanicals Signature Soy Wax Candle in Mango Tangerine, about $27.77 AUD at Nordstrom

Nuxe Dry Oil

Moisturisation is key for travel time.  A dry oil minimises mess, hydrates like a dream with a blend of macadamia, hazelnut, sweet almond and St John’s Wart oils and leaves a silky-sheen on your body for perect holiday-ready skin.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, $24.95 AUD through Adore Beauty

Wei Skincare

Mix up soothing herbal qualities with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid. Apply in the last remaining hours of your long-hauler and arrive with skin renewed and ready to go.

Wei White Lotus Hydrating Face Treatment Pads, $98.00 AUD at Mecca Cosmetica


Combing through markets, fresh ocean dips, hot temps – your hair takes a beating during a vacay.  Avoid over-washing by spritzing through this revitalizer that refreshes your strands and neutralizes odors.  Added UV filters means your scalp is perfectly protected on a summer trip.

Oribe Cote D’Azur Hair Refresher £21.00 from Space NK

OYSTER MAGAZINE Beauty Editorial
Beauty & Health, Style

5 Must-Have Makeup Products

Streamline your daily routine! In our new series, we give you our 5 must-haves for a flawless face every day.

Napoleon Perdis AutoPilot BBB cream

Taking alphabet creams to new heights, this BBB cream (beauty boosting balm) contains skin-perfecting HD SPF30 foundation with an anti-aging moisturizer that uses snail mucus containing glycolic acid and elastin to rejuvenate and condition. Sounds gross… but you can’t argue with an MKerr level glow.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream SPF30, $55.00 AUD via Napoleon Perdis

Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer

Tired, blah skin calls for liquid assistance. First morning port of call: smooth on a primer that contains soft-reflection optics to enhance the look of skin’s translucency, while smoothing pores and upping brightness. The hydro-gel texture makes it a breeze for under-foundation prepping.

Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer, $34.00 USD at Cusp

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Beware of imitations – nothing beats the shimmer brick. It’s like an Instagram filter for your face; one swirl of this sparkilised blush around your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and across your forehead and you’ll feel glowier, happier and 10,000 times more confident. Trust us on this.

Bobbi Brown Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick, £32.00 through John Lewis

Models Prefer Bronzer

Contouring basics: cheekbones should be sculpted out with a matte bronzer, creating more depth in the hollow for a razor-sharp, Rosie Huntington-Whitley facial structure. We can try…

Models Prefer Bronzer, $9.99 AUD via Priceline

Nars Illuminators

Throw out the old rule of no liquid over powder. This luminescent liquid beauty will sheen-ify just about anything, making it the best skin finisher for your AM routine, and perfect to stash in your bag for touchups.

Nars Liquid Illuminator, $48.00 AUD at Mecca Cosmetica


Hair storm by Solve Sundsbo for Pop Magazine
Beauty & Health

5 Hair Essentials

Ne’er a more pressing emergency than a hair one, right?  In our new series, we present the top 5 products you need to keep on deck at all times.  Your hair (and sanity) depend on it.

GHD - Heat Protect Spray 

Spray before play, is all we’re saying.  Your heat protectant is like a sunscreen – it needs to be spritzed before any kind of high temps hit your head.   Conditioning agents work to protect hair from rapid moisture loss, and provides protection against UV induced free radicals.  It’s all about prevention, people.

GHD Heat Protect Spray, £9.95 via HQ Hair

Garnier Fructis - Nutri-Repair Instant Detangler Spray

Add to your conditioning count with this weightless detangling milk.  Containing fruit oils to provide extra nourishment, it revitalizes and repairs individual strands for an easy comb-through.

Garnier Fructis Nutri-Repair Instant Detangler, $5.95 AUD at Priceline

Fudge - Hot Hed 

Never underestimate the versatility of a good mousse.  Volumises when you need it, keeps wild strands contained in desperate times, doubles as a hairspray and can even work as a styler for your boyfriend.  Don’t tell him that though, of course.

Fudge Hot Hed, £12.45 through HQ Hair

 David Babaii - Boho Beach Spray

There’s nothing like just-stepped-out-of-the-water hair…but that shiz is drying.  Recreate with a spray that conditions and texturizes with bamboo and crushed pearl extract, while hair-friendly dead sea mineral salt gets to work on that oceanic texture.

David Babaii BOHO Beach Texturising Spray, $24.50 AUD

 Schwarzkopf Professional Flexible Hold Hairspray

A product that needs no introduction.  What you do need to know is that going flexi-hold is your most versatile option.  Double up on spray-layers for those tight, chignon situations, but keep a light layering option available for styles like your brushed out curls that still need flow and movement.

Schwarzkopf Professional Flexible Hold Hairspray, $13.70 AUD via Buy Haircare Direct