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Bibelot - Dessert Boutique South Melbourne
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This Month I’m…

My May is pretty flat out – lots of commitments (both work and play) – business travel, a friend’s wedding, catch ups and farewells and, well, you get the idea. In between all that, this month I’m…

Listening to my May Playlist on Spotify. It’s got everything from French hip hop to a cover of Stand By Me(!).

I’m trialling FitBit Premium (it’s free to try and just $60 AUD a year). You already know I’m hooked on my FitBit, but this takes it to a new level, pushing you to go the extra mile (er, no pun intended).

I’m booking hotels for a trip later in the year to the Greek Islands. My current go-tos for gorgeous hotels are Tablet Hotels (curated selection of the best-of-the-best), Jetsetter (a Trip Advisor edit) and Hello World (a modern-day travel agency).

I’m shopping for boots, and currently eyeballing these beauties by Laurence Dacade (below) but at $890 AUD, remain unconvinced. All recommendations welcome!

Laurence Dacade Pete Boots
I’m extremely excited to be meeting with The Den Interiors to discuss some serious overhauling of our house which is about a year overdue.

I’m eating all the goodies I can get my hands on at Melbourne’s new dessert boutique, Bibelot (top). “A dessert boutique?!” I hear you say? Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

Finally, I’m wearing all the Uniqlo mens crew neck merino wool sweaters ($50 AUD) I can get my hands on. I need to take an extra small, but it’s a true crew neck, fits better than the women’s and damn do they last and last and last.


Vie Active - Biarritz to Bondi
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Goodbye Boring! Threads And Tunes To Kickstart Your Workout

Vie Active - Biarritz to Bondi

Vie Active – Biarritz to Bondi

I was washing my workout gear recently when my visiting mother helpfully commented that there was a lot of black in this particular part of my wardrobe. ‘Well!’ I scoffed. ‘It’s my workout gear!’ To which mother responded ‘exactly… so why does it need to be black?’. It was, I hate to admit, a rather fair point. If you’re going to motivate yourself to get out of bed or off the couch or away from the iPad and get physical a wardrobe made entirely of various shades of noir probably isn’t going to help matters. At the very least you could surely bring yourself to try an interesting shape or detail?

Sadly, finding fun activewear isn’t that easy. There’s a lot of… sameness out there.

Here’s my edit of workout gear each with their own element of intrigue. My new go-to labels? Vie Active, Lucas Hugh and Adidas reliably have some seriously rad things (check out the latter’s ‘Originals’ and fusion lines).

Workout Edit


  1. Vie Active limited edition Running in Rome compression tights – $140.00 AUD
  2. Lucas Hugh liberty city print sports crop – £41.25
  3. Lucas Hugh Prince Albert running jacket – £256.00
  4. J.Crew leopard print baseball cap – $58.70 AUD
  5. Lanvin rose gold basket running shoe – $542.80 AUD
  6. Adidas navy studio pants – $70.00 AUD
  7. P.A.R.O.S.H. sequin short sleeve hoodie – $500.00 AUD
  8. Veja SPMA navy Carmin sneaker – €130.00
  9. Anthropologie magic carpet yoga mat – $98.00 USD
  10. Ash high top metallic, snakeskin and neon sneaker – $250.00 AUD

If that wasn’t enough, here’s my totally eclectic but thoroughly upbeat playlist for getting your butt into gear.

Pump it!

Gorgeous Festival Crowd
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Gorgeous Festival

Gorgeous Festival Crowd

I distinctly remember the day I began a self-imposed life ban on music festivals. Admittedly I’d never been a huge attendee, but I’d done my share of camping, donned both thongs and gumboots at the same event and discovered dust in places dust should never be. Somehow, none of that deterred me. I’m extremely uncomfortable in crowds at the best of times, so how I ended up in the ‘mosh pit’ at a key stage during Parklife is anyone’s guess. What tipped me over the edge was that during said mosh pit outing, I turned around to speak to a friend and instead discovered a full grown man wearing a Tigger suit humping my leg, moments before vomiting on himself.

Anyway, I digress. If you’ve been put off festivals in the past, or even if you’re just ready to move on to something a little more refined, South Australia’s Gorgeous Festival is for you. Located in the picturesque McLaren Vale, Gorgeous Festival is the antithesis of other festivals. Whilst the music lineup is top notch (this year boasts the likes of Lanie Lane, Steve Smyth and Eskimo Joe alongside festival favourite John Butler Trio), Gorgeous Festival is about so much more, incorporating gourmet food, premium wines and local art. Supplied by award-winning restaurants, menu items include freshly shucked oysters, Argentinian char-grilled beef ribs, duck fat hot chips and pulled-pork sandwiches. The food menu is coupled with a carefully edited selection of wines from the region, chosen by Gill Gordon-Smith  (professional wine judge), Philip White (regional wine judge and writer) and Head Chef and owner of The Elbow Room, Nigel Rich.

If all that wasn’t enough… Gorgeous Festival also has a Gorgeous Creche, hosting little ones with a range of kid-appropriate festival activities.

For all this, I might actually lift my life ban.

In 2013, Gorgeous Festival is held from Friday 22 November to Saturday 23 November. Tickets start from $85.00 AUD for the Friday alone.

Gorgeous Festival - Food and Wine

Gorgeous Festival Wine Selection

Gorgeous Festival Food

Lanie Lane

Lanie Lane

Steve Smyth

Steve Smyth

Eskimo Joe

Eskimo Joe

Eskimo Joe
Boardwalk Empire Vanity Fair
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Playday – Electro Swing!

Boardwalk Empire Vanity Fair

Image via Vanity Fair

Haven’t heard of electro swing? You’re missing out. A fusion of modern electronic production techniques with swing, jazz and big band sounds, it’s safe to say that if the speakeasies of the prohibition era were around today, this is what they’d be playing. On high rotation in our headphones at the moment is The Electro Swing Revolution series of compilations – a perfect introduction to the genre.

Join us and listen now (no Spotify account required).

Yael Niam
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Playday: Cover Art

It’s no secret; a cover song better than the original is an oddity. Like a film remake being superior to the original or a sequel that shames it’s predecessor. At any rate, a really great cover needn’t obliterate the original to be great… it just has to bring something different to the party. Here’s our pick of 11 cover songs that do just that (alongside their originals for reference).

They’re all interesting for a reason, but we’re particularly fond of Yael Niam’s (feature image) version of Britney Spear’s Toxic, Bob Evan’s iteration of Lily Allen’s Not Fair and the Muppet Barber Shop Quartet’s rendition of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

James Blake
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Playday – 6 Tunes To Get Your Day Underway

If like us, you need something more than coffee to incentivise your bed departure every morning, we’ve put together a little playlist of tunes to help you along.

  1. James Blake – Retrograde. Smooth sounds to ease you into a vertical position. (Shown in feature image)
  2. RJD2 – Ghostwriter. Still smooth with a little more beat, this is the one to get you moving and in the shower.
  3. Allen Stone – Sleep. More upbeat with a bit of a retro sound that will have you feeling like you’re in the montage part of Your Life The Movie. Dance yourself into your clothes.
  4. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army. Breakfast has never been this good.
  5. Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum. Get yourself out the door and take on the world to possibly the catchiest chorus ever. Good luck singing along accurately.
  6. Bow Wow Wow – I Want Candy. We challenge you to have a bad day if you’re listening to this as you walk in your office door. Infectious doesn’t even begin to cover it.


Playday – 5 Tunes To Kill The 3pm Slump

It’s OK, it happens to the best of us. In the morning we have coffee to give us a bit of a spark, but in the afternoons? Chocolate or a cheeky Facebook cruise are pretty much what’s on offer. So here we have our list of 5 great tunes to kill that 3pm slump.

  1. Flume – Holdin’ On. Aussie makes R&B dance fusion. (Shown in feature image.)
  2. The Cat Empire – Brighter Than Gold. A little of their original jazz x funk with some pop thrown in. Sounds weird but it works.
  3. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop feat Wanz. Try, we say TRY not to engage in a little seat boogie. (And if you haven’t seen the video clip, drop everything and watch it now.)
  4. Chiddy Bang – Ray Charles. Feels like the best of 90s rap with current swagger.
  5. Icona Pop – I Love It feat Charli XCX. Swedish electro pop. Enough said, yes?

Join us and play these tracks right now using the play button below.

What makes your list?

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We Choo-Choo-Choose Graveyard Train

Recently, I somehow ended up sitting in on a few sessions of a rehearsal session with Australian band Graveyard Train. With a sound they describe as “convict rock” it’s the sort of thing you have to hear to get your head around. Well worth a sample.

If a picture tells a thousand words, a track must be a novel by music industry standards.

On that note, here’s one of the tracks I witnessed. This album is going to solve more than one Christmas / Birthday gift situation in coming months.

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Oliver Tank

We’re currently head over heels for new master of the airwaves, Oliver Tank. With a sound that can only be adequately described as ‘organic electronica’ we doubt you’ve heard anything quite like his work before.

This track is amongst our favourites, and our first Tank discovery – ‘Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion’.