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New Year Style Resolution Two: Nail Silk Scarves

I’ve always admired people who can wear printed silk scarves and not look like a nanna or an airline stewardess. Or worse, a retired airline stewardess who just can’t let go of her former profession. Basically it strikes me as something that take a serious command of fashion… and dammit, this is going to be my year.

I actually have a relatively reasonable scarf collection and every now and then I tie one to the handle of my handbag or use it as an impromptu turban when an occasion calls for headwear. For the most part however, they sit neatly rolled in my top dresser drawer.

A careful analysis of the street style library that is Google shows us that there are many more options available however, from knotting into a necklace or wrapping as a bracelet to casual draping as a second layer or wearing as a belt. In fact, when you look closely at many of the outfits demonstrated below, you’ll see that for many of them it’s actually the scarf that makes the outfit, taking it from simple to street style.

Don’t believe me? See it for yourself…

GAME ON I say! And yes, my existing collection is reasonable. But if I’m going to do this thing I should really commit to it with fervour, passion and a few new additions, surely?

Here’s what’s making my wish list…

Kenzo printed scarf

Kenzo Lotus-Eye print scarf – $165.00 AUD

Liberty London Star Scarf

Liberty London red London Star scarf – £165.00

Liberty London Pink Ianthe Silk Scarf

Liberty London pink Ianthe scarf – £110.00

Givenchy Rotweiler Scarf

Givenchy Rotweiler scarf – £220.00

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake Animal Print Scarf

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake Animal Print scarf – $108.89 AUD

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