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Get ‘appy: a selection of the best iPhone apps

I used to very much regard my phone as a thing that had to do just a few key functions: make and receive phone calls, send and receive email, manage my calendar and maybe send the odd text. Recently though I’ve noticed that a handful of iPhone apps have turned my phone from helpful to essential.

Here’s my selection of apps which keep my phone within arms reach and out of the bottom of my handbag… (in no particular order).

1. Fitbit (free) – I’ve written about Fitbit before and my adoration for it isn’t showing any signs of slowing. Together with my Fitbit One, the app tells me how active I am, how many steps I’ve done during the day, how I’ve slept and keep track of how much water I’ve drunk during the day.

2. Instagram (free) – I was late to the Instagram party and have only recently really got into it. I love seeing people’s days and discovering new bloggers and brands at a glance in tiny vignette form.

3. Pinterest (free) – inspiration at my fingertips with a seemingly endless supply of images to find, share and pin. It’s like virtual scrapbooking anytime you like!

4. Spotify (app is free, but I recommend the premium version of Spotify – $11.99 AUD a month) – more music than you can ever know what to do with which you can sort into playlists for use at various times. You can follow me here and enjoy doozies such as my ‘car karaoke’ playlist.

5. YNAB  (app is free, but YNAB licence costs $60.00 USD) – to say YNAB changed my life would be an understatement. In summary, YNAB made me such a gun at budgeting I don’t even know what day I get paid – I’m no longer hanging out for the cash to land in my account. The YNAB app syncs with my desktop version so I can enter expenses on the fly.

6. Uber (free) – did you know the leading source of credit card fraud / stolen details is actually cabs? With Uber I don’t have to remember to bring cash AND the car comes to me with a count-down timer showing its progression. Perfect.

7. 12 Minute Athlete ($3.79 AUD) – it’s a bit early for me to say anything too grandiose about 12 Minute Athlete (I’ve only had it a couple of weeks), but given my gym is less than 100 metres from my house, open 24 hours a day and now I can get a serious workout in 12 minutes flat there’s really no excuse.

8. Inbox by Gmail (free) – it takes a bit of getting used to, but now I’ve got my head around Inbox by Gmail I couldn’t go back to the iPhone’s Mail app. It’s sort of like learning how to use a mac after years of the dodgy logic Microsoft made their name with. Once you’ve got it in hand it just makes so much sense. Inbox keeps you organised and allows you to find anything and everything with a swipe of your thumb.

9. Weatherzone+ ($2.79 AUD) – yes, I paid for a weather app. It’s accurate, detailed and helps me dress appropriately. In my books that’s worth a few bucks.

10. Smiling Mind (free) – this is another app which has made an appearance on the blog before and if I wasn’t already a huge fan then I would be now. Each version is better than the last! A great range of guided meditations for kids through to adults that give you a little dose of mindfulness in your day.

11. Evernote (free, but I recommend the premium version of Evernote which is about $6.49 AUD a month) – another organisation-y one, what I really love about Evernote Premium is the ability to take photos of my physical notes, load them into Evernote and they become searchable. Hey presto, all my notes are available on my iPhone, my iPad and my computer, long after I’ve discarded my notebook.

12. VSCOcam (free, in-app purchases available too) – photo editing that goes way beyond the rudimentary stuff offered by your iPhone or even Instagram. You can buy packs of filters to give you a kick start if you like, or get creative and make adjustment manually.



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