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Friday Finds: Outdoor Voices, Ayu and Suite One Studio

This week I’m all about making the ordinary extraordinary.

Outdoor Voices – By all means, walk your dog in your holey tracksuit and old tshirt… but wouldn’t it be that much nicer a start to the day if your outfit were just a little more chic? Outdoor Voices offers simple, stylish and minimal high-end activewear that will make you hope you run into your ex / hot neighbour / boss during your workout. Made in the USA, prices from $55.00 USD.

Ayu – Some years ago I sat next to a girl in a school uniform on a train and was dismayed to discover she was wearing the same fragrance as me. Since then, I’ve considered seeking out less mainstream fragrances an absolute must. Enter Ayu. Australian-made and ethical, this intoxicating find is quickly becoming a favourite. Their first fragrance – Souk – has just been released, and offers rose, jasmine and sandalwood notes in the blend (amongst others). $89.95 AUD.

Suite One Studio – Sure, you could go and buy some Plain-Jane dinner set from your local department store (all in white, because… it’s easy to clean? I don’t know… why do people buy white dinner sets anyway?!). Or you could add some serious style to every meal you have (even if it’s on the couch or sitting on the kitchen bench), with a beautiful set from Suite One Studio. All pieces are limited run though, and tend to sell out so a) treat your collection carefully and b) get in quick. The store is replenished every Tuesday. Prices from $30.00 USD a piece.


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