Everlane Cotton V Tee
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Found: The Perfect White Tee

I love investing in good wardrobe basics. Sartorially speaking, they stand the test of time and, when chosen carefully, last long enough that you’ll notice they haven’t gone out of style. Of course, everyone has their own idea about what constitutes classic wardrobe staple and I’m not about to tell you what should¬†make your cut. Universally however, they all have this in common: finding your go-to is like finding the holy grail – a deceptively difficult journey which may actually never occur in your lifetime.

Personally, the one that has eluded me for what feels like eternity is the simple white tee. I’ve written before about the myriad of ways to wear a white t-shirt, yet never actually managed to find the perfect one myself, until now.

As it turns out, my perfect white tee (shown above and below), comes from a label I’ve written about before – Everlane. It’s slim but not snug, long but won’t be mistaken for a nightly and just a tiny bit sheer yet not so much it’ll make my colleagues feel uncomfortable. And it’s just $15 USD.

Now to find my perfect pair of jeans…

Everlane Cotton V T-Shirt

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