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101 Things To Buy Before You Die: Boxers, Bras, Briefs and Lingerie

If you haven’t seen the previous posts in this series, I’m taking Maggie Davis and Charlotte Williams’ book 101 Things To Buy Before You Die and updating it to give you my go-to for each category they originally outlined. Today’s category? Undergarments.

The originals: boxer shorts and bras (and later ‘panties / knickers’). The update: boxers, briefs and lingerie.

I’m not going to lie. Calvin Klein is still going strong, and with good reason. They’re simple, they’re comfortable and they last. For something a little more modern though, I’m a big admirer of Australian label, Stonemen (top). A range of cuts to suit any bloke (or babe, they do women’s, too), these folk partner with photographers all over the world to create limited edition prints on their seam-free styles for maximum comfort and collectability. (Yeah, I said collectability… who knew jocks could be considered collectable?).

Bodas Lingerie

For women, Calvin Klein is a pretty reliable place to start too, but if you want to choose from every imaginable cut and shade for your knicker basics, Bodas (above) is where you go. With several kinds of ‘nude’ to choose from and lots of styles too, you’ll be hard pushed to not find what you need. They even make skintone look sexy, with semi-sheer fabrics.

For something more special-occasion however, Eres (below) is the only label to know. These Frenchies have the balance between feminine and simple down to a fine art. Not so cut-out and frilly that you can’t wear them under anything in your wardrobe, yet not so minimal that you’d call them basics. Everything they make is undeniably divine, but you can expect a price point to match.

Eres Lingerie

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