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Weekday Breakfast Inspiration

Sick of cornflakes or toast being your first meal of the day Monday to Friday? Us too! That’s no way to start your workday! Here are our tips and some inspirational shots to up the ante on your 7.30am ritual…

Presentation matters – yes, you’re pressed for time but taking 30 seconds to make it look nice before you demolish it makes all the difference to making it feel that little more special. We’re into sticking our muesli / fruit / yoghurt combo into mason jars or even just water glasses to make it look like it just stepped out of a Pinterest board. Got a spare 3 minutes the night before? Pre-make it and get your bircher on. Put it in a jar with a lid and you have a beautiful take-to-work option too.

Make the basics special – whether it’s toast, granola or something else entirely, choose the gourmet option at the supermarket on Saturday and you’ll be thanking yourself all week. However you look at it, your average sliced bread is not going to get you excited about getting up or last you through to lunch.

With a twist – take your regular weekday breakfast, add a little something different and you have an instant bit of fun on your hands. If you usually eat regular muesli with a banana, why not throw it all in a blender with a leafy green  for your morning hit? Mix up your toppings – try cream cheese and berries or avocado with seeds on your toast and in-season fruit on your muesli. Trial different milks instead of cows on your cereal (there are many – soy, rice, almond… even coconut!).

Bring on Monday morning!

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