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Travel Portraits: Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Sartorial Style - Jaffna

Looking for a travel opportunity that goes beyond the unexpected? Sri Lanka it seems is the new frontier – a travellers’ and photographers’ paradise. Wonderfully talented and humble travel photographer James Collins recently visited Jaffna, on the far north of the island and was generous enough to share his photo diary with us.

Together with Jan Brunaes and armed with a Leica M and a Hasselblad the two tackled the city, taking a very interesting variety of travel photography: travel portraiture. Here, you see something far more powerful than a postcard-perfect scene and begin to appreciate the rich tapestry of history, stories and culture that make up this country.

Jaffna is currently well off the tourist trail, only recently emerging from a harsh civil war. Plenty of scars remain but in contrast, James told us of some amazingly friendly people. As the photos show, they loved having their photo taken. Tourists, James predicts, will soon come to this part of the world as it’s simply too beautiful to stay hidden forever. Looking for a trip devoid of the tourist cliche? Your window of opportunity is limited. 

Interested? James advises support from a local travel agent is essential to arrange the intricate logistics (internal flights in a 6 seater plane, a driver and most importantly plenty of insider knowledge).

James will be back in Sri Lanka towards the end of 2014. A very limited number of spots available are in the tour party for passionate/budding photographers. Keen? Contact James directly.
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