Olivia Palermo at Airport

The 5 Commandments Of Celebrity Airport Style

Most of us can’t afford to travel in the style to which your average A-lister has become accustomed. After trawling through tens thousands of papped celebrity airport photos however, we think we’ve cracked the code to at least dressing with the same level of chic. Not convinced it can be so simple? We lay our evidence before you… (And yes, there are some repeat appearances in this collection. What can we say? Some ladies just keep getting it right.)

1. Thou shalt wear skinny trousers

Whether jeans, on-trend leather leggings or the eternally stylish tailored pant, skinny trousers are a sure-fire way to inject a celebrity standard of style into your airport look.

2. Flats be thy friend

Ballet, loafer, sneaker, boot… flats come in all manner of styles so there’s bound to be one for you. When celebs travel long-haul they leave their heels in their luggage and don something more arch-friendly (although we have heard more than one report of keeping heels in your cabin baggage to don them at the airport before passing through customs).

3. Sunglasses hide all manner of sins

Bags, wrinkles, red-eye flights and puffy eyes are so B-list. Those in the know use sunglasses for more than just sun protection. The darker the better.

4. Thy carry-all size shalt know no bounds

There has never been a more appropriate occasion to carry the largest bag you own like a handbag… just make sure you’re carrying it in the crook of your arm. Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Chloe and Hermes are all celebrity favourites, if you happen to be so fiscally fortunate.

5. Layers will never burden thee

Even if it’s a hundred degrees where you’re leaving and landing, in air-conditioned climates things can get quite nippy. Celebrities know the value of a layer or three, not just for comfort but for their sartorial benefits too. Ask the airline staff to hang your jacket or coat (or hang it on the hook on the seat in front of you) and you’ll arrive with a smooth, wrinkle-free layer to hide all your crumples beneath.

Finally, remember: keep your makeup classic and stay hydrated! No one needs smeared lipstick, panda eyes or flaky skin when facing the paparazzi.

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