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Lust List: October

October is such a great month! The seasons they are a-changing and new styles are hitting shop windows hard. A new season of styles coupled with some new finds is frankly, my idea of nirvana. So without further waffle, here are my finds of the month…

Emerson Fry

New York born and bred, this is one label that’s going to go places. Whether you work in a ‘smart casual’ sort of environment or you just rock the ‘minimalist-model-off-duty’ look, you’re going to adore the face off Emerson Fry. Prices start around the $50.00 USD mark for a pair of knitted hats. I just ordered a gorgeous white shirt dress (shown below) – now a total bargain at just $98.00 USD.



These folks take the idea of transparent pricing to a new level, choosing to show the cost of every individual component of their luxury essentials. From the zips to the labour involved, it’s all there. They do their homework too, carefully choosing the best artisans for every type of garment or accessory from all over the world. Best of all perhaps, the upfront nature of their costing combined with such careful selection makes for some rather competitive prices. Personally, I’m eyeballing their loafers (wait list only) and Petra cross-body bag ($365.00 USD). Men, they haven’t forgotten you either.



Admittedly their philosophy of ‘fewer, better things’ is a notion close to my heart, but one glance at this label and you’ll see why I’m so enamored. Simple, clean and unfussy with a focus on quality. What’s not to love? Prices kick off at $40.00 USD for a tee, but I’m particularly crazy about the monogrammed shopper totes made from thick, smooshy leather and at the bargain price of $160.00 USD.

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