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Instant Dinner Party Chic

I can’t decide if I’m ahead of the curve on this one or so far behind the 8 ball my grandmother would be disappointed, but I have a recent discovery to share with you. You can be the best home cook in the world and “plate up” like a sous chef at a hatted restaurant, but what will really take your soiree from pleasant to pro is as simple as a little table styling.

Yes, you read that right. Table styling. I’m talking fruit and herb spiked water jugs, centrepieces, table linen and other such delights. Best of all, it’s an idea you can scale to fit the time and budget available. A jug of water filled with star anise and lemons alongside a thick bunch of foliage in a recycled jar and freshly pressed linen napkins needn’t cost a fortune or take more than a few minutes, but it’s sure to have an impact. At the other end of the scale, if you want to go the whole nine yards, consider taking it up another notch into the echelons of event styling. Think statement crockery, menus, place cards, invitations – the kind of detail folks usually reserve for just one day in their lifetime – their wedding.

If you’re feeling particularly creative but don’t really want to shell out for spectacular crockery and glassware for every new occasion, have a look for event hire companies near you. It’s surprisingly affordable to hire all the gorgeous bits and pieces you need.

In short, whether you go to town or spend 5 minutes before your guests arrive pulling the table together, perhaps like me you’ll be surprised at what a place card or menu and a tea light can do.

Here’s my current collection of inspirationally-chic table settings.

Now, who else is itching to throw a party for no apparent reason?



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