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How To: Catwalk Hair

If you spend any time at all on social media you’ve probably noticed the Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week is currently in full swing. It’s not usually the sort of thing we spend much time on (we’re far more interested in what actually hits the shelves in six months time!) but the beauty looks? Well… they’re something you can get your hands on right now.

Ever wondered what it takes to deliver a catwalk-worthy hairstyle? Prema for Goldwell Hair Director Kate McQuitty who created the uber chic and wearable hair at STRATEAS.CARLUCCI was kind enough to give us step-by-step instructions for recreating those modern ponies at home.

Let’s be clear – it takes five products and a weft, but the result is pretty stunning. Here’s how:

Strateas.Carlucci x Goldwell Prep

1. Hair is prepared by applying StyleSign Glamour Whip ($22.95 AUD) thoughout, then directionally blow-dried back, giving a little volume at the roots on the top with mid-lengths and ends kept smooth.

2. Hair is then sectioned off into three parts running vertically down the head. The middle part is then broken into three segments (leaving a small section along the crown free) and secured into ponytails.

3. Divide the side sections into two parts, pulling the lower part back into the middle ponytail and the upper section to the lower ponytail, creating the criss-cross finish. Be sure to keep the lines clean and defined for added impact.

Strateas.Carlucci x Goldwell

4. Take the hair along the crown and smooth back, fixing into the top ponytail. Smooth StyleSign Spun Shine ($9.45 USD) over the section.

5. Tie bottom corners of the lower and middle ponytails around the elastics to created the wrapped hair finish.

6. Run StyleSign Sleek Perfection ($18.31 AUD) through the ponytails and use flat irons to straighten.

Strateas.Carlucci x Goldwell - Weft

7. Attach a matching coloured weft to the top ponytail and straighten down. This makes a huge difference to the final result.

8. Spritz the hair with StyleSign Magic Finish ($22.95 AUD) for final grooming, then apply Goldwell Elixir ($28.10 AUD) to select panels of the hair to create a wet-look which can also act like a highlighter.

Strateas.Carlucci x Goldwell - Modern Pony

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