Vie Active - Biarritz to Bondi
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Goodbye Boring! Threads And Tunes To Kickstart Your Workout

Vie Active - Biarritz to Bondi

Vie Active – Biarritz to Bondi

I was washing my workout gear recently when my visiting mother helpfully commented that there was a lot of black in this particular part of my wardrobe. ‘Well!’ I scoffed. ‘It’s my workout gear!’ To which mother responded ‘exactly… so why does it need to be black?’. It was, I hate to admit, a rather fair point. If you’re going to motivate yourself to get out of bed or off the couch or away from the iPad and get physical a wardrobe made entirely of various shades of noir probably isn’t going to help matters. At the very least you could surely bring yourself to try an interesting shape or detail?

Sadly, finding fun activewear isn’t that easy. There’s a lot of… sameness out there.

Here’s my edit of workout gear each with their own element of intrigue. My new go-to labels? Vie Active, Lucas Hugh and Adidas reliably have some seriously rad things (check out the latter’s ‘Originals’ and fusion lines).

Workout Edit


  1. Vie Active limited edition Running in Rome compression tights – $140.00 AUD
  2. Lucas Hugh liberty city print sports crop – £41.25
  3. Lucas Hugh Prince Albert running jacket – £256.00
  4. J.Crew leopard print baseball cap – $58.70 AUD
  5. Lanvin rose gold basket running shoe – $542.80 AUD
  6. Adidas navy studio pants – $70.00 AUD
  7. P.A.R.O.S.H. sequin short sleeve hoodie – $500.00 AUD
  8. Veja SPMA navy Carmin sneaker – €130.00
  9. Anthropologie magic carpet yoga mat – $98.00 USD
  10. Ash high top metallic, snakeskin and neon sneaker – $250.00 AUD

If that wasn’t enough, here’s my totally eclectic but thoroughly upbeat playlist for getting your butt into gear.

Pump it!

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