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6 Inspiring Things That Don’t Cost A Cent

NYC via Vanessa Jackman

NYC via Vanessa Jackman

When the shininess of the new year wears off and you realise this month is actually remarkably like last month without the full social calendar and the break to look forward to, it’s easy to get stuck in a same-old-same-old rut. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here, we’ve compiled our list of 10 websites, projects, blogs and other such things to inspire you all over again…

1. Chic-cheat your way to a perfect wardrobe. 

We enjoyed this piece from Refinery29 that explores the idea of a Nü wardrobe, a practice which essentially renders a bad outfit impossible (yes, you read right). It’s not entirely dissimilar to the 10 Piece French Wardrobe concept outlined in Jennifer L Scott’s book ‘Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris‘, although perhaps a little more forgiving in terms of volume.

2. Get healthy – whatever that means to you. 

Nutritionist, naturopath, kinesiologist and all-round wellness guru extraordinaire Cassie Mendoza-Jones recently launched an online 5 Week Wellness Program ($247.00 AUD) that aims to give you all the tools you need to lead a more healthful, balanced life. Check out her free Cleansed webinar too, which will give you an overview of the 5 week program and ideas to get started too. It’s bound to inspire you to pursue some positive change in your life.

3. 1 part voyeuristic + 1 part art = 365 project.

A 365 project is simply taking a photo every single day for a year. It doesn’t have to be of you or even of anyone you know (although some people do – we really enjoyed Andrew Günsberg’s). Whether you start your own or just admire others, it’s inspiring to see someone else get a little better at something every single day.

4. Get your DIY on.

Check out Pinterest-worthy DIY reno projects that will have you thinking you too could live in a space like that. We’re rather impressed with this list of 8 DIY projects from Apartment Therapy.

5. Find your blogger soulmate. 

Oh, internet. No matter whether you’re into travel photography and street style fashion, learning the stories behind interesting design, illustrations of a bunny wearing catwalk looks, beautiful and healthful cooking, or even just like looking at a montage of interesting photos, there’s a blogger out there for you. Start with a blog you quite like and then follow the breadcrumb trail by checking out what they’re reading and who’s commenting… you never know what delights you’ll discover.

6. Discover a whole new world of music. 

Electro Swing? Cape Jazz? Gospel Blues? K-pop? It’s been argued that if you think you’re not into music you just haven’t found the right kind yet. With the volume of internet radio stations and streamed music options available now for free, there’s no real excuse not to get exploring. We like Spotify for their apps and radio feature that send you down the rabbit hole of discovery. (You can follow us on Spotify too!)




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