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Tuesday Ten – Puppy & Dog Things

Dog Lovers Show

We recently visited the 2013 Melbourne Dog Lovers Show and came home with a great haul of loot for our resident fur fiend, Aston. Now it’s one thing for a human to like the look, smell or feel of a dog toy, treat, or any other product but as anyone who has ever shared their life with a tailed friend will testify, they have rather specific likes and dislikes all of their own which aren’t always in sync with their human.

As such, this Tuesday Ten is co-authored and curated by Aston.

Aston is a 4.2kg scruffy black “bitser” who came to live with TLD editor Sam after being found with a foster family via Pet Rescue (an online tool that shows pets all over Australia that need new homes). She had a pretty rubbish start to life, being born in a puppy farm and her mother dying when she was just a few days old.

Today Aston is a very happy little dog who loves all things edible, setting new records in the field of toy destruction, park outings and belly rubs.

Click through to see our goodies and read Aston’s verdict and ours on the items.

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