Mary Katrantzou - Available for pre-order via Moda Operandi
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This Might Sound Crazy: Pre-order Maybe?

With digital darlings like Moda Operandi now on the scene, the delights of pre-ordering is now well and truly upon us. If you’ve never heard of the concept, it’s probably pretty obvious but just in case… in a nutshell, you can order pieces from a collection up to six months before they hit the stores, guaranteeing you’ll get your favourite looks for the season ahead. You generally pay half upfront and half on delivery making it sort of like a long term layaway.

The crunch of course is that you pay at least full retail price for the privilege. If you’re a bargain hunter, this will hurt a little. If you’re share trader however, this is the ultimate in turning shopping into a science as you’re essentially working the futures market. By securing your favourite pieces at full retail price ahead of time, you’re assuming that they’ll sell out before you ever get your hands on a coupon or other discount.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, the good news is that with premier labels paving the way and proving a pre-order market exists, more and more mid-level brands are jumping on the bandwagon.

Right now, we’re eyeing up pre-orders from the labels below… what will you be pre-ordering?

J.Crew - Look 12 Fall/Holiday 2013

J.Crew – Fall/Holiday 2013 Pre-order

Caslazur - Look 1 Amanzi dress

Caslazur – Spring/Summer 2013 Pre-order

Mok Theorem - available for pre-order

Mok Theorem Spring/Summer 13-14 Pre-order Via Email

Limedrop - Quilted silk bomber jacket pre order

Limedrop – Autumn / Winter 2013 Pre-order

Mary Katrantzou - Available for preorder at Moda Operandi

Mary Katrantzou via Moda Operandi
(other labels always available for pre-order too)

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