Top 5 Beauty Mistakes We ALL Make
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The Top 5 Beauty Mistakes We ALL Make

Top 5 Beauty Mistakes We ALL Make

No preamble needed! You know it, we know it, we all make these mistakes and now it’s time to stop. Although admittedly, they might not be as obvious as the one shown above…


Washing your face with dirty hands

So simple, but how many times do you apply cleanser directly onto your hands, before transferring straight to your face?  Soap up, before you cleanse up.

Misusing conditioner

Whether you’ve got thin hair, thick hair, oily hair or something else altogether, shampoo is designed to cleanse your scalp and roots, while conditioner moisturises your mid-lengths to ends.  Apply only from your ears down, and ensure you don’t waste product by squeezing the excess water from your strands before you apply.

Mixing up the order of products 

Many of us have a multi-system of products targeting different skin concerns at night. A brightening serum for correcting skin tone, an anti-aging cream that you apply on specific wrinkle zones, your standard moisturiser.  So which do you apply first and last?  The rules goes, the product with the most active ingredients gets applied nearest to the skin, and you’d generally finish with your moisturiser. Remember take an extra two minutes and let every layer absorb properly before applying the next.

Rubbing your wrists together after spraying fragrance

A total no-no, but it’s second nature  – we all do it.  Rubbing your wrists together destroys fragrance molecules so the actual scent is disturbed, and it won’t last as long. Spritz each wrist individually, and allow to properly absorb into the skin.

Neglecting your neck

Guess what – your face should actually stop at your chest. It’s time to stop ignoring that area between your face and décolletage. Bring moisturiser down all the way past your chin until you hit your chest.  Yes, you’ll go through product faster, but the neck area is one of those key areas that’s going to age faster later on.

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