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The Return Of The Cake Book


Forget Vegemite. Forget meat pies, Tim Tams and lamingtons. If you’re looking for something really Australian, look no further than the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book.

It was first published in 1980 (excellent timing for my childhood, frankly) and has since sold more than half a million copies. Now, it’s available on the iPad.

For me this is half awesome news and half concerning news.

Awesome: favourite book from childhood available in modern form, kids of today will get this brilliant book in their lives, I love cooking from an iPad.

Concerning: old favourites are now available in animated timelapse so children will be able to see the cakes come to life before their eyes… and judge the adult who will be making them by these standards.

The Children’s Birthday Cake Book is  $9.49 AUD and available to purchase at your own risk via the Apple App Store. It’s an in-app purchase, so download the Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbooks app and then purchase the Cake Book.



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