Thank Krug It's Friday
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Thank Krug It’s Friday

Lui Bar Melbourne

Is there any better feeling than late on a Friday afternoon? The maximum amount of weekend and all its delicious possibilities still lies ahead… Whilst it can sometimes be tempting to slink home on a Friday evening, indulge in a bottle of something, your home delivery of choice and a movie, the sure-fire, proven* method for extending that weekend-eve feeling is a Friday night outing.

Now, drinks with your colleagues is almost always an option, but if you’re looking for something more special, allow us to introduce the latest in decadence from Krug. Originating at The Punch Bowl in London, the purveyors of fine Champagne have now teamed up with Lui Bar at Vue De Monde in Melbourne to bring you Thank Krug It’s Friday. Until the end of December you can enjoy a flute of Krug Grand Cuvee alongside a gourmet West Australian marron bun for $75.00 AUD (or $250.00 AUD for half a bottle).

Our little secret? It’s not just Fridays! Head on up any night of the week to indulge in this little luxurious delight. No reservations required.

Lui Bar is located at Vue De Monde, Rialto Tower, Level 55, 525 Collins Street, Melbourne. For more, visit:

Thank Krug It's Friday

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