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In this super-digital day and age, there’s nothing quite like receiving a parcel on your doorstep. The real-world feel-good wholesome factor is upped a notch or six when said parcel contains a box of produce from a local farmer that was harvested less than 36 hours earlier. Sound too good to be true? Enter produce boxes from your local farmer  or co-op group.

This month, we’re taking produce boxes from local farmer Kelly Bros for a spin. Here’s how it works… first, you choose the size of your box and whether you want a recurring delivery or one-off. Next, it shows up on your doorstep and you enjoy the deliciousness!

It’s a simple idea that allows you to support local farmers and get creative with your cooking. It’s also a great excuse to branch out from your recipe-rut (don’t lie, we all have them) and use recipe finder sites like Supercook which finds recipes based on the ingredients you have.

A few days in and our currently crazy household consisting of four adults, a 9-month-old and resident fur friend, Aston has had a lot of fun with the box. The smallest two in our house have been enjoying steamed veggies. The less mash-mad amongst us have been reminded of favourite recipes. Below, a super-simple snack that virtually everyone will love…

[colored_box color=”green”]
Citrus Apples

1 apple
1 orange
1 lemon

Slice the apple, juice half the lemon and the orange. Combine everything in bowl and soak for 15 – 30 mins. Eat the apple slices and add the juice to a glass of water and enjoy!


Kelly Bros boxes start from $28.00 AUD per box including delivery. If you’re not in the Kelly Bros delivery area (Victoria, Australia), have a quick search online – you’re likely to find a produce box delivery service near you. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing recipes and behind-the-scenes shots of our Kelly Bros road test.

KellyBros - small box

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