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Recipe: Pan Roasted Duck With Fondant Potato, Fig and Jus Vin

Cloudy Bay Pinot and Duck Trail - Mr Mason


To celebrate the return of the Cloudy Bay Pinot and Duck Trail for 2013, participating Melbourne restaurant Mr Mason was kind enough to share the recipe their contribution to the trail – pan roasted duck breast with fondant potato, fig and jus vin (shown above).


4 duck breasts
4 medium russet potatoes
2 celeriac
1 punnet figs
100g broad beans
1 bunch baby carrots
1 punnet cherry tomatoes
500g butter
1 bunch thyme
2 cloves garlic
400ml chicken stock
Salt to taste


Celeriac Puree

Peel the rough skin of the celeriac and discard the skin, grate the celeriac using a grater.

Melt 250g of the butter in a sauce pan (with a large surface area so it cooks quickly) and add the celeriac.

Sweat the celeriac in the butter for 2 minutes, cover with milk, just enough to submerge the celeriac.

The celeriac will cook quickly, therefore retaining flavour and colour.

This should take about 15 minutes.

When celeriac is tender, strain the celeriac from the milky liquid, reserve the liquid to one side.

Blitz the celeriac in the liquidizer, add butter & milk mix to adjust to a smooth consistency.

Fondant potatoes

Peel the potatoes, with a sharp knife cut the potatoes into rectangles.

Melt butter in a sauce pan that has a large surface area, add the chicken stock.

Add the potatoes; the liquid should be covering the potatoes.

Add thyme and crushed garlic.

Cook the potatoes until the base is golden, flip the potatoes and do the same to the other side (cooking time will vary according to the size of the potatoes).

Roasted duck breast

Score the skin of the duck breast.

Place the duck breast on a cold pan and slowly crisp the skin on a low heat.

Once crispy put duck in oven for 4 minutes at 180 degrees celcius.

Take it out of the oven, flip the duck skin side up and baste with butter and thyme, the breast should spring back – you want the breast to be pink/medium.

Let the duck rest somewhere warm for 4 minutes.


The garnish

Peel the broad beans from their skin, blanch and refresh these, reserve.

Peel the baby carrots and cook in boiling salted water, reserve.

Make an emulsion with 50ml chicken stock and 50g of butter in a pan and warm up your cooked carrots, broad beans and cherry tomatoes.


Fig jus

Warm up your figs in the same pan when warming your duck for serving.



Smear the celeriac puree on the bottom of the plate using the curved back of a spoon.

Slice the duck and fan it on top of puree.

Place fondant and vegetables around the duck.

Sauce and garnish with fresh spinach leaves.

Obviously, serve with a glass or two of Cloudy Bay‘s Pinot Noir. We love the 2011 release.


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