Iris & Ink - Striped Cashmere Knit
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Meet Iris & Ink

Home brands. What’s the first thing that came to your mind? Budget products of questionable quality with plain packaging of the bottom shelf at the supermarket? Yup. Us too. (By the way, hot tip from me to you: no matter how good some home brands are getting these days, don’t EVER try the toothpaste. Trust me.)

When the people who arguably pioneered luxury shopping in pyjamas decide they’re going to bring you a house brand though, you pay attention.

And so it is with Iris & Ink… the newest addition to The Outnet’s stable of labels and their very first in-house brand. Prices are in the highly achievable $100 – $500 (£52 – £271) sort of range. Our favourites of this collection of delectable modern classics in the gallery below… for more, see Iris & Ink at The Outnet.


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