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Look Luxe For Less

You’ve heard the old saying –  champagne taste on a beer budget? If like us, you have an eye for detail well beyond your bank balance, here’s our list of ways to keep your wallet fat and your look sharp.

Fabulous fingers (and toes, too) – anyone who’s anyone has heard of Shellac nail varnish. On like polish, wears like gel, off in minutes. Too good to be true? Almost. If you’ve ever investigated this beauty phenomenon, you’ll know how much a Shellac polish costs to be applied (and in many cases, removed too – yikes!). If you’ve a DIY bone in your body however, take heed: you CAN do this at home. It takes some practice and there are setup costs, but take it from us – it’s worth it. We’re fans of Glaze Me who have all the bits and pieces you’ll need, including coloured varnishes for just $8.70 AUD a pop.

Sample shop – the bane of every cosmetic counter consultant’s life, there’s now a way to sample shop whilst keeping everyone happy. We’re thinking of the influx of a delightful range of beauty sample subscription services. Put simply, a range of interesting beauty product samples from some well-known brands as well as those you may not have even heard of delivered to your door every month. Try BellaBox ($15.00 AUD per month), Lust Have It ($19.95 AUD per month) and Glossy Box ($21.00 USD per month).

Simple snips – If you have a relatively straightforward haircut (or are at least happy to be a bit experimental), consider getting your hair cut by a trainee at a high-end salon. They’re supervised by highly experienced stylists (and in our experience try very hard!), yet cost a fraction of a regular cut (if they even cost anything at all). The same goes for your colour. Ask at salons in your area, but if you need somewhere to start, check your local Toni and Guy.

Lucious lashes – fancy a set of full lashes to flutter? If you’ve ever donned a set you’ll know how much fun it is to be sporting a luxuriously glamorous fan of lashes. The ultimate indulgence? Mink lashes. (Before you get all anti-fur on us, know that good mink lashes are ethical, cruelty-free and sustainable – the minks are simply brushed, they’re not hurt in any way and obviously the healthier the minks the better their fur). All this said, they’re also rather pricey to have professionally applied and maintained. If you’re a DIY kind of girl however, it’s time for you to investigate at-home mink lashes. We’re fans of Mink Me (yes, from the clever people that brought us Glaze Me mentioned above!). Strip lashes start at $24.80 AUD and cluster lashes at $48.80 AUD.

Sale scout – one of the best things about shopping online from stores located internationally (read: in another hemisphere) is that you can hit up their sales and purchase items at the end of their season and the beginning of yours. Be the first to know about end-of-season sales (and in-season secret sales) by joining us on Facebook.

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