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Juice Cleanse, Anyone?

Juice Cleanse
As someone who plays Russian roulette with food (I have a lot of intolerances!), I find the idea of a juice cleanse absolutely fascinating. Now don’t get me wrong, I love food. If eating were an Olympic sport, I could eat for my country.

With my particular brand of intolerance, food (and drinks) I can’t consume one day are perfectly fine the next. Whilst my symptoms aren’t pleasant (bloating, hair loss, vomiting, hives) I don’t go into anaphalactic shock or anything quite so dramatic. Even more frustratingly, my intolerances are a bizarre combination which don’t have a simple name. Eating out – one of my great joys in life – is infinitely more complicated than it once was. I’ve lost count of the number of wait staff and chefs who have brushed me off as fussy and annoying rather than simply trying to avoid a range of undesirable outcomes.

So with all this going on, you can see how the idea of chugging down nothing but juices for days on end could be a very appetising idea. Better yet, the benefits of juice cleanses are often documented as including ‘giving your digestive system a break’. Yes please.

I tried two commercial cleanses and a DIY version to see if it lived up to the hype.

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