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For me, packaging is an intrinsic part of a product. Too many boxes and wrapping frustrates me. Lame design makes me look for something else. Attention to detail in terms of usage delights me. To be clear: my enjoyment of products (and even services) is influenced by how it’s presented.

So… here’s my collection of beauty products with packaging so great they stand out in the crowd.

  1. Paul and Joe blotting paper – $5.76AUD via BeautyBay
  2. Lulu Organics jasmine hair powder – $10.50AUD via Flora Organica
  3. Smith’s rosebud salve – roughly $10USD via American Apparel… but available in LOTS of other places too
  4. Bar Co liquid hand soap – $24USD at Anthropologie
  5. Mr Natty Bay Rum aftershave – £25.00 at Mr Natty
  6. Nasomatto fragrances – $165USD via Lucky Scent
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