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With the ever-growing domination of the interweb, more and more truly spectacular stores are cropping up online. Some of them have the patience and the vision to ship worldwide. Many however, do not. In fact, some of our regular go-tos like Cos, Sephora and One Kings Lane don’t ship beyond their geographical borders.

So, do we admit defeat? NEVER!

Happily, as the wonderful world of online shopping grows, so too does the online service industry design to support our e-habit. Enter the saviour that is mail forwarding. Put simply, mail forwarding services allow you to keep an address in another country, have parcels shipped to that address and forwarded to you wherever you are in the world. There’s often a small fee involved to register your address and depending upon your frequency of use, you’ll pay some sort of handling charge each time a parcel is received or forwarded.

We’ve found that the greatest culprits for failing to ship internationally are stores based in the USA and UK/Europe. So, here are our recommendations for mail forwarders in those countries:

My US – Aptly named, because they handle the USA. A range of usage packages with extremely reasonable fees and hyper-quick shipping.

Forward2Me – Does what it says for mail received within the UK. Every user pays a £2.00 joining fee and receives two mailing addresses with different levels of insurance.

Need an address in a different country or would like more services to choose from? Google is your friend.

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