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Is This The Best Makeup Product Ever?

DuWop Reverse Lip Liner

It sounds silly to think that something so inherently mundane as a lipliner could be the holy grail your makeup bag has been missing, but we’re saying it’s true.

What the DuWop Reverse Liner so special? The answer is in the name; it’s a reverse liner. This means you don’t apply it to your lips, but to the skin just around your lips. With just one line it stops that feathery factor that makes wearing a statement lip so annoying by about lunchtime.

TLD editor and lipstick aficionado Sam took it for a road test and was totally floored by the results.

“I’ve heard that feathering lipstick is an age issue, but if it is it’s one I’ve had since I started wearing it whilst working a makeup counter in my late teens. This product prevented even the tiniest bit of colour from creeping beyond my lip line the entire day. I did reapply it after lunch, but I’m not sure if it was necessary. You’ll still need a coloured liner to go on your lips if you want to hold the actual colour as usual too – this isn’t a replacement for that.”.

The DuWop Reverse Liner is available at Cult Beauty for £15.00.

Cult Beauty offer free shipping worldwide with purchases over £50 and 3 free samples with purchases over £30.


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