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Introducing… The Daily Edit

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It’s true: in the age of the internet, we have an awful lot of choice for basically everything. On one hand a wonderful problem to have, this can also lead one or all of the following:

  1. Your day getting lost to the vortexes that are Pinterest/Tumblr/Instagram whilst you like, comment, repin and regram the heck out of all the loveliness
  2. A lot of annoyance at the fact the awesomeness you’re pinning/liking/regramming etc. isn’t actually available to you
  3. Perma-frustration with your life/wardrobe/home/fridge/mp3 collection that the absolute right combination is possible, just not immediately in front of you and trapped on the internet
  4. Being totally overwhelmed with the selection available

Add to this the press release and pitch party that is the collective inboxes of the TLD team and you have a recipe for disaster.

So I’m thrilled to introduce a new section of The Lifestyle Department aptly called ‘The Daily Edit’. Updated every day, this is our curated selection of all the goodness that comes across our desks. Best of all, you can have each and every item sent to your doorstep right now. No more wondering where that perfect piece is from – mouse over to see the brand and price, click to buy.

Add to basket! Er, once you’ve visited The Daily Edit


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