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Inject Your Life With Luxe For Less

Whether you’ve a high budget friend, have indulged in a decadent holiday, saved up for your dream indulgence or have simply been surfing Net-A-Porter a little too long, chances are high you’ve at least glimpsed the good life.

Here are our 5 favourite ideas to bring a little luxury to everyday life without having to spend it like a Beckham.

  1. Beautiful beverages – whether your favourite daily tipple is coffee, tea or something altogether more ordinary like water, there’s always the opportunity to take it up a notch. Look for gorgeous crockery, exquisite teas or unique coffee blends to move the simple act of office hydration from ordinary to extraordinary. Sticking to water? You don’t have to miss out. We’re in love with this flavour infuser water bottle (1) – Just $15.00USD at Uncommon Goods.
  2. Eau de luxury – get your dose of the creme de la creme way of living via your nose with a scrumptious scented oil. It might sound like something your nanna would advocate, but don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. We’re swooning over Aesop’s Catherine blend (2) – $39.00AUD.
  3. Pimp your products – get your chores on with lovely cleaning products that are not only nice to look at, they’re often easier on your stuff and the environment. We’re soaking with Murchison Hume Luxury Laundry Soak (3) – $19.95AUD and spritzing The Laundress Classic Fabric Fresh (4) – $16.00USD.
  4. Scrub a dub – they might be a lot pricier than their mainstream counterparts, but beautiful hand wash and shower gel are sure to up your household ante. And if the average 500mL bottle lasts about 6 months, on a cost-per-pump basis you can get that price right down. Jo Malone does particularly delicious versions, like this White Jasmine and Mint shower gel (5) – around $85.00 AUD.
  5. A very little luxury – this will seem particularly over-the-top to many, but investing in some genuine luxury for small everyday items can be a great investment at a (relatively) small price when compared to bigger items. By spending more on items that are used frequently, you get more joy from them too. Brace yourself and consider a Mulberry journal (6) for all your scribblings… yes, it’s £165, but then you’re just not going to get the same joy from a Spirax, and you’re certainly not going to give it to your grandchildren.

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