Huka Lodge - Alan Pye Cottage Dining Room
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Huka Lodge – New Zealand

Let’s be clear about something upfront – this one is firmly for filing under L for “when I win the lottery”.

To put things into perspective, give you a sense of the regular clientele and the sheer exclusivity of Huka Lodge, it’s best to start with the explanation of a room type you’ll seldom find elsewhere. The ‘escort’ room. No, this isn’t a room for your gentleman caller or lady friend. This is a spartan room for your driver, security guard, nanny, publicist or other such person you might have travelling with you. These rooms are priced at a fraction of the others on offer, and start around the $500.00 – $600.00 NZD per night mark.

But goodness, this hotel is the stuff cinematic masterpieces are made of. Huka Lodge has only 25 rooms (plus 6 ‘escort’ rooms) set on 17 acres of absolute perfection bordering Wairakei Park Reserve. Meticulously maintained, they enclose a tennis court, a heated swimming pool, spa pools, an orchard, a wine cellar, petanque and croquet courts. Of course, no establishment of this calibre is without spectacular dining options and the lodge can arrange for meals to be taken almost anywhere within the grounds. The price of every room includes pre-dinner drinks, a 5 course dinner and full country breakfast.

Off-peak prices for the junior lodge suite (the cheapest after the ‘escort’ rooms) start at $1,205.00 NZD + GST per couple per night. They do however have couples ‘time together’ packages that include things like French champagne on arrival. These, in an off-peak period may *just* scrape into the realm of possibility for an extremely special occasion – we’re talking significant wedding anniversaries and that kind of thing – at $3,814.00 NZD (incl GST) per couple for two nights.

If this is your speed, reservations for most rooms can be made online.

Otherwise, until you come in to rather a lot of money or have a justifiably-significant life event, we invite you to ogle the exquisiteness of the promo shots. Beyond gorgeous.

Huka Lodge - Alan Pye Cottage Dining Room

Huka Lodge - Alan Pye Cottage

Huka Lodge - Alan Pye Cottage Study

Huka Lodge - Alan Pye Cottage

Huka Lodge - Alan Pye Cottage Exterior Garden

Huka Lodge

Huka Lodge - Pre Dinner Drinks

Huka Lodge - Trophy Room

Huka Lodge - Gardens

Huka Lodge - Petanque And Croquet

Huka Lodge - Dinner In The Garden

Huka Lodge - Tucked Away And Totally Private

Huka Lodge - Two Of The Guest Suites Enjoy River Views

Huka Lodge - The Owners' Cottage

Huka Lodge - The Owners' Cottage Living Room

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