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Highly Envious Greetings, Hello Fresh!

A Hello Fresh box full of ingredients and recipes

Have you ever come up with a brilliant business idea only to discover someone else had the same inspiration? That’s pretty much how we felt when we discovered Hello Fresh, except our frustration at being beaten to the punch is absolutely offset by the fact we can place an order right now.

So what is this awesome idea? Put simply, Hello Fresh delivers you the ingredients and recipes for 3 or 5 different dinners for 2, 4 or 6 adults. Once a week a box shows up on your doorstep which contains the exact ingredients and recipes for your selected number of dinners (and diners) for that week. There’s almost no wastage because you only get delivered what you need, you get to try dishes that wouldn’t normally be part of your repertoire and you get to cook it all yourself in less time than it takes to wait for the delivery dude (or dudette). What’s not to love?

We’re sure you have the same questions we did, so here’s what we asked Head Chef Tom Rutledge when he cooked us lunch straight from a Hello Fresh box.


Why Hello Fresh?

I was constantly tearing delicious-looking recipes out of magazines and the weekend paper and never getting around to trying them. This way, the recipe and all the ingredients gets delivered to your door.


What ingredients do you assume we have in our pantry?

Most ingredients are delivered with your box, but we assume you have really basic stuff like olive oil, soy sauce and brown sugar.


I have food intolerances – do you cater to these?

We’ve found most people with intolerances are pretty good at substituting things in and out. We’re still a young company so at this stage we can’t cater to specific intolerances but since you’re making the meals yourself, you can just swap or omit ingredients if they don’t suit you. You can also choose between classic and vegetarian boxes.


Can I choose what day you deliver my box?

We pack and deliver the boxes on Mondays to set you up for the week ahead. If you live in NSW your box arrives on Mondays. If you live in other states your box arrives on Tuesdays.


What are your favourite ingredients?

I like the small but effective ingredients that pack a punch – garlic, spices, chilli… I don’t think I could cope without garlic!


Hello Fresh currently delivers to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra and are shortly adding Geelong to the list with more destinations planned soon. Prices start from $59.00 AUD for three dinners for two people and includes delivery.


If you haven’t hit the geographic jackpot on this occasion, Tom was kind enough to share a delicious recipe for cauliflower dahl. Make sure you sign up for updates though, as the Hello Fresh team are often adding new destinations to their delivery list.

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