Olivia von Halle

Hi There, Olivia von Halle

We’re all for adding a little luxury to everyday life so it’s fair to say we were pretty thrilled when we discovered Olivia von Halle. Harking back to an era when there was such a thing as ‘lounging pyjamas’ which were glam and totally cocktail-hour appropriate, Olivia von Halle makes THE most scrumptious sleepwear you’ll ever touch. Made in a delightful range of colours, with mother of pearl buttons, monogramming options and a completely unique sizing system that allows for a near-on custom fit, it’s only a matter of time before you’re calling your friends for sleepovers.

Sure, they’re not cheap but if you look at it from a cost-per-wear perspective, you can get them down to about £11 a night in just a month.

Ready to slip into something more comfortable? Visit Olivia von Halle for more details and to buy your own set (£330.00 a pop with free shipping worldwide… monogramming extra).

Olivia von Halle

Olivia von Halle
Olivia von Halle Olivia von Halle

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