Lunchalot Restaurant - Bopha Devi
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Lunchalot Restaurant - Bopha Devi

If, like us, you’re a food fiend – breakfasteur extraordinaire, long lunch advocate and dinner devotee you’ll be thrilled to discover new Australian site, Lunchalot. In short, Lunchalot is a subscription-based website that offers members 50% off food or 25% off food and drinks for the entire table at a range (currently in the 100s) of restaurants all over Australia. You book online, the restaurant knows you’re entitled to the discount and automatically deducts it off the bill, removing the whole awkward coupon-presentation thing that usually comes with cut-price offers.

Perhaps best of all however, Lunchalot is giving 20% of their business to their early-adopting Platinum Members ($139.00 AUD / 3 years). If the company is sold or floated, these members will receive a payout. Any dividends earned before that time are donated to the charity chosen by the member. Obviously Lunchlot can’t guarantee results, but had Groupon adopted this exact policy when they started in 2009 to the same number of their early customers (platinum membership is capped at 30,000 members), they would have each netted an average windfall of over $125,000.00 on the day the company floated, just 3 years later.

Membership is $39.00 AUD / month (great for travellers), $79.00 AUD / year or $139.00 AUD / 3 years. Really, it’s an investment that may pay in more ways that one.

To find out more and to join, visit Lunchalot.

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