Anada Restaurant - Fitzroy, Melbourne
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Bienvenido, Añada!

Anada Restaurant - Fitzroy, Melbourne

Think you know your dining scene? Let’s test your knowledge.

Imagine an upscale restaurant that is central to your nearest major city… that is not pretentious; serves fresh and (very) tasty food; has impeccable service; offers a comfortable environment, a six-page wine list; and is not going to send you broke. Give up?

Allow us to introduce Añada in Melbourne’s Fitzroy.

Whilst more than five years old, Añada (aan-ya-da) is one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets. Seating just 38 fortunate patrons at a time (usually in two sittings per night), Añada delivers fuss free dining in a space that could be your own living or dining room. It feels like home.

The Spanish and Moroccan inspired menu consisting of 18 tapas (single serve) and 11 raciones (shared plate) dishes is perfect for grazing your way through an evening. Sustainably sourced ingredients such as wild organic oysters and mussels add a feel-good factor to the taste good factor.

Our suggestion is to let the chef feed you. Añada’s $50.00 AUD (per person) tasting menu offers a selection of 9 tapas and raciones over four courses; and their $65.00 AUD (per person) option offers a selection of 12 premium tapas and raciones over six courses with dessert or cheese. Anada also offers a supper menu from 10pm til late, with jamon, cheeses, a new cocktail menu, and tailored ‘tap’ wines.

Añada is the perfect restaurant for travellers to Melbourne, or for date night, or for catching up with friends. Actually, it is the perfect restaurant for any reason at all.

If you’re not so geographically bless however, or you’d just like a sneak peek, you’re in luck as the head chef at Añada, Andrew Fisk has kindly shared the recipe for his famous and scrumptious grilled king prawns with mojo verde, soft eggs and brik.

Añada is located at 197 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

Anada Restaurant - Fitzroy, Melbourne


Anada Restaurant - Fitzroy, Melbourne


Anada Restaurant - Fitzroy, Melbourne


Anada Restaurant - Fitzroy, Melbourne - Lamb


Anada Restaurant - Fitzroy, Melbourne

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