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Our office strawpoll of websites you’re going to wonder how you wasted time without (until now)…

  1. Menswear Dog – as it sounds, photos of menswear, on a dog. Too awesome.
  2. Accidental Chinese Hipsters – an homage to folks who just don’t know how on-trend they are.
  3. Les Mean Girls – it’ll be gone again as fast as it came, but for now there’s little not to love about a series of highly emotive musical x teen chick flick mashup memes.
  4. Got A Kid To Feed – a series of videos of professional actors reading Yelp reviews, Missed Connections, Craigslist ads and other such things. BYO popcorn.
  5. Totally Looks Like – yes, it’s old. No, it never gets old. A website full of “stuff that looks like stuff”.
  6. Animals Talking In All Caps – exactly what it sounds like. Interestingly full of insightful political and current affairs commentary.

So… don’t leave us hanging. What are your go-tos when you hit a lull in your LOLs?

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