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6 Food Blogs To Make You Drool

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Drool is proof that you eat with your eyes first. Even if you’ve just gorged yourself with an 8-course meal, seeing a picture of hot fudge lazily rolling down a scoop of rich, smooth vanilla ice cream makes makes most of us salivate. Grab a box of tissues and check out our edit of six scrumptious food blogs.

When you land on Chasing Delicious, your journey has just begun. The mouthwatering photos of food in every category imaginable are just the beginning. Besides recipes, this blog has links for all your culinary questions that include a food encyclopaedia, a conversion chart, how to build recipes, and posters for meats cuts and seasonal produce.

You’ll be thrilled by both the images and recipes on Joy the Baker. The photos are broken down by category and the names of the recipes appear on each one when you roll your mouse over the images. There’s a delightful selection of sweet and savoury recipes for everything from appetisers through salads, entrees, desserts and cocktails

If you’re a bit of a foodie, sooner or later you’ll start wondering about superfoods, vegan-ess, and if it’s possible for anything to ever taste good without gluten, dairy or some other irritant. Enter Edible Perspective. Combining a love of food with a passion for photography, blogger Ashley creates her own recipes, modifies others and shares her photographic and culinary experiments with readers.

Besides having a great title, Not Without Salt is a perfect blend of recipes, family pictures and warm, engaging stories about the featured food and recipes. The photography is up-close and personal, capturing the special moments of family cooking as well as step-by-step pictures for many recipes. You’ll find recipes full of easy-to-understand techniques and guidelines on this easily navigable blog.

Food tastes even better when it’s paired with the perfect beverage and you’ll find classic as well as contemporary recipes for mixed drinks at Five O’Clock Cocktails. The pictures on the blog whet your beverage appetite with close-ups of freshly made drinks served in an array of unique glassware and garnished with whimsical embellishments you can easily craft in your kitchen.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth that needs constant gratification, Top with Cinnamon is the ideal place to start. From cookies and candy to ice cream and pastries, this conversational blog is fun to read and the pictures almost leap off the page with details of recipes in various stages, including the final hurrah. The recipes are broken down by category and there are pictorial how-to links that show you how to do everything from making homemade croissants to perfectly grinding a vanilla bean.

There are literally thousands of food blogs designed and written by talented cooks with studio-quality pictures that entice and inspire. For a list of some of the best blogs dedicated to gastronomy, check out Saveur’s top picks and take a culinary journey that will motivate you to expand your cooking repertoire.




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