5 Ways To Make “Home” A Portable Feeling

There are two kinds of travel: the fun, holiday kind that you wish would never end and the other kind that general involves work, being separated from friends and family and destinations you’re not terribly excited about.

Either way, making your destination feel more like home can mean you enjoy your holiday more (it feels more authentic when you feel like you’re living there!) and minimise the discomfort of an undesirable trip.

After the break, read our ten tips for bringing a bit of home wherever you go.

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  1. Unpack! It might sound silly, but taking your things out of drawers and off hangers each morning will make your stay seem less transient and more stable. Worried about bugs or other undesirables? Bring a herbal bug repellant with you and pop it in with your garments. We love Thurlby Organic Bug Buster – $7.95AUD.
  2. Use your senses. What does your home smell like? Consider taking a candle with you that has a smell which reminds you of home. We love Archipelago’s small tin candles (pictured) – $16.00USD at Urban Outfitters.
  3. Get habitual. Normally get around your hometown using public transport? Go for a run every morning? Doing these things when you’re away will help get you into your familiar groove… and that’s not always a bad thing.
  4. Don’t stray. Speaking of habits, travelling isn’t the time to try new skincare, new fragrances, new makeup or even new laundry powder. Do you really want to discover you have an allergy you never knew about whilst on the road? Instead, make yourself small versions of your regular products using small bottles and containers from your local discount store. We favour Muji and Daiso.
  5. Do your research. Are you a foodie? An exercise junkie? A chess champion? Whatever your ‘thing’, chances are good you’ll be able to find a likeminded crowd wherever you’re headed. Take the time before you leave to find a restaurant, a class, a tournament or something that’s really “you”. Check out sites like Meet Up to get in on the local action.

Wherever your journey and whatever the reason, chances are good you wont be disappointed with a trip that has a little familiarity about it. Just don’t get too carried away and start buying real estate (well, not right away…).

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