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5 New Season Trends You Can Try Right Now

Looking to give your look a little makeover just in time for 2014? Here are five trends you can try without commitment… 

Put a headband on it

Overhaul your look in the next few minutes with a Dolce and Gabbana-esque head adornment.  Ultra-fem is the vibe here, but your options are diverse:  Khloe Kardashian’s scarf wrapped curls, Kate Beckinsale’s updo bow or a classic floral wreath.

The candied pout

Pop lips have been muted down this season in a more understated, but still eye-catching way.  Take notes from Blake Lively and Jennifer Hudson, who finished their faces off with a sweetly delicate candy pink pout.

Drop it low

It’s the classic long-hanging pony tail, but with a cute twist.   Sling it down at the front so your ears are covered, for a very chic and slick finish.

Aqua Eyes

Metallic, navy, azure – options are endless, just give this hue a spin this season. It’s surprisingly flattering on all:  blue eyes will appreciate the synchronicity, whereas green, hazel and brown eyes will find the contrast to be deeply alluring to all.

The shoulder-grazer

Sure, Jennifer Lawrence, Pam Anderson and Jennifer Hudson are making waves with their pixie cuts, but the proportion of us about to going to take to the scissors that hard is considerably less than an elongated bob. Nonetheless, length is OUT, and the benefits of shoulder-grazer hair are aplenty. It’s chic, healthy (for your strands) and can be styled in a myriad of ways. Not ready to commit? Try a faux-bob to give it a road test, even if just for the night.


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