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5 Hair Essentials

Ne’er a more pressing emergency than a hair one, right?  In our new series, we present the top 5 products you need to keep on deck at all times.  Your hair (and sanity) depend on it.

GHD - Heat Protect Spray 

Spray before play, is all we’re saying.  Your heat protectant is like a sunscreen – it needs to be spritzed before any kind of high temps hit your head.   Conditioning agents work to protect hair from rapid moisture loss, and provides protection against UV induced free radicals.  It’s all about prevention, people.

GHD Heat Protect Spray, £9.95 via HQ Hair

Garnier Fructis - Nutri-Repair Instant Detangler Spray

Add to your conditioning count with this weightless detangling milk.  Containing fruit oils to provide extra nourishment, it revitalizes and repairs individual strands for an easy comb-through.

Garnier Fructis Nutri-Repair Instant Detangler, $5.95 AUD at Priceline

Fudge - Hot Hed 

Never underestimate the versatility of a good mousse.  Volumises when you need it, keeps wild strands contained in desperate times, doubles as a hairspray and can even work as a styler for your boyfriend.  Don’t tell him that though, of course.

Fudge Hot Hed, £12.45 through HQ Hair

 David Babaii - Boho Beach Spray

There’s nothing like just-stepped-out-of-the-water hair…but that shiz is drying.  Recreate with a spray that conditions and texturizes with bamboo and crushed pearl extract, while hair-friendly dead sea mineral salt gets to work on that oceanic texture.

David Babaii BOHO Beach Texturising Spray, $24.50 AUD

 Schwarzkopf Professional Flexible Hold Hairspray

A product that needs no introduction.  What you do need to know is that going flexi-hold is your most versatile option.  Double up on spray-layers for those tight, chignon situations, but keep a light layering option available for styles like your brushed out curls that still need flow and movement.

Schwarzkopf Professional Flexible Hold Hairspray, $13.70 AUD via Buy Haircare Direct 

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