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5 Great Foodie Apps


We’ve all found ourselves standing in the meat section of the supermarket with a dazed look, trying to figure out the difference between a top or bottom round steak, or if we want a boneless or bone-in pork shoulder. We wander the produce department, fondling and smelling wonderful fruits and vegetables, with no idea what to do with them.

Rejoice! Now you can download apps to help you plan recipes, clear out your fridge or cupboard of leftovers and extras, and even make a grocery list for you. Try out these apps and you’ll not only make life easier, you’ll have more time to cook great food and enjoy meals with friends and family.

  1. Ask the Butcher App ($2.99 AUD – available worldwide). Meat, fish and poultry are the stars of most people’s dinner but it’s difficult to choose the best cuts and know how to prepare them so they are always scrumptious. Run by a butcher who supplies premium meat to Australia’s top rated restaurants for almost a decade, Ask The Butcher is like having a relative in the business to answer all your questions and offer advice you’d never get anywhere but at a butcher’s counter. The app even has a built-in timer to guarantee everything is cooked to perfection.

  2. BigOven (free – available worldwide). In addition to over 250,000 recipes, BigOven has tips on party planning, holiday celebrations, and how to transform old recipe classics into new mealtime favorites. You can create menus for a day, a week or a month by simply dragging and dropping recipes into a printable template. One version of the app will generate a grocery list for you that you can download to your phone or print out at your leisure. BigOven also makes it simple to share your favorite recipes on Twitter, Facebook or email.

  3. Martha Stewart Everyday Food (free – available worldwide, in-app purchases required at around $2.99 USD). Martha is always on the cutting edge of technology and her penchant for perfectionism comes through in her Everyday Food app. You can zip through her step-by-step recipes from her Everyday Food magazine or search by how much time you have, what dewy fresh produce you just picked up a the farmers’ market as well as by meals and courses. Feeling adventurous? Just shake your phone to do the Recipe Shuffle and four randomly selected recipes pop up. Martha Stewart app also includes a new foodie article every day and she’ll even give you suggestions for dinner when your creative juices are waning.

  4. Jamie Oliver App (free – available worldwide, in-app purchases required at around $1.99 AUD). Jamie’s charm comes through on every feature of his Jamie’s Recipes app. There are tons of recipes with easy to follow steps accompanied by pictures or videos, so you can enjoy Jamie’s impish smile as you cook. His down-to-earth videos teach how to get the most out of your kitchen knives as well as provide tips on perfectly cooking simple dishes like rice and pasta. The app creates a shopping list for each recipe that you can easily modify to suit your needs. One of the apps newest features takes you on a trip to the recipe store to see the latest creations from Jamie’s kitchen.

  5. Panna App (free – available worldwide, in-app purchases required at around $5.49 AUD). Since we eat first with our eyes, many cooks are inspired by mouthwatering pictures of what their finished dishes will look like. PannaApp has page after page of food photographs and recipes that will have you salivating as you browse. You can keep your favorites organized and generate shopping lists in seconds. Need help understanding a cooking technique? PannaApp has how-to videos you can browse by cuisine type or search your favorite chef’s name to watch them prepare their masterpieces before you’re wondering eyes.

Nothing is more satisfying for many foodies than curling up on the couch with a new cookbook and reading it from front to back, like a juicy novel. Food apps fill a different need. By having recipes, advice and how-to videos immediately at your fingertips, meal preparation is streamlined and shopping is less stressful. With all the time you save, you’ll have more opportunities for “power” cookbook perusal.

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