Beauty phrases that drive us crazy!
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4 Beauty Phrases That Drive Us Crazy!

Beauty phrases that drive us crazy!

There’s always a lot of information flying around in the beauty realm.  Most of it informative; most of it geared to making our lives easier; but unfortunately, a lot that’s just plain annoying.  Behold: our top four beauty “sayings” that we’re well and truly over…

“Your hair is fine, but you’ve got lots of it”

As a beauty writer who visits a lot of salons, and the (not so) proud owner of extremely fine hair, I probably get told this with every new stylist I meet. I’m always perplexed. What does it even mean? “I do have lots of hair, thank you!  Probably about 100 000 strands, if I got around to counting them…”

Thick and thin relates to the diameter measurement of the hair strand, not the overall amount that have.  Don’t we all have lots of hair?  Isn’t that the point?

“I just drink eight glasses of water a day for my great skin”.

Said every model, ever lived. And they will have been told this by every makeup artist they work with, so they’ll believe it. Just like we’re sprouted the wisdom that our bodies need to be subjected to cleanses every quarter to remove “toxins”, this is largely still one of the greatest myths floating about.  There’s not enough evidence to suggest this is how one becomes Miranda Kerr.

Most experts agree that a good moisturiser and sunscreen is a far better combination for healthy, glowing skin than forcing yourself to guzzle excessive bottles of water.

“Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins”.

You’ve probably heard this in every beauty story ever written. The premise holds up:  if you keep plucking away every hair to try and match your brows up, you’d probably end up plucking them all off.

But in the hands of a professional, it’s their job to get your brows to look as identical as possible.  Beauty is about symmetry after all, and having two eyebrows with differing shapes isn’t doing your face any favours.

“I want the old Hollywood glamour look”

Not so much this one being untrue, just overused. Yep, we can’t innocently browse Pinterest or look at any red carpet award season event without seeing this reference pop up everywhere. Of course the beauty looks of screen stars like Greta Garbo, Lauren Bacall and Marlene Dietrich past are inspirationally beautiful, but it’s a tried and testing deep-lip-and-side-swept-waves formula we need to move on from.

A classic red lipstick is one of the only eternally chic things everybody agrees on, and side-parted, brushed out curls is as modern as it is retrospective. Let’s pray come next awards season, our favourite celebs have found a new beauty look to try out.

Readers: which beauty phrases drive you nuts? 



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  • Reply Eloise November 28, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    Okay, maybe it’s just me but I can’t stand it when sales assistants at beauty counters tell me to only use a product every other day because it’s “quite active”. Eh?! You mean… it’s drying? Strong? Going to break me out? ARGH!

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