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There aren’t many people who don’t love travel. Whether it’s a holiday with family, a city-based shopping extravaganza, a snow slope adventure , a slovenly break on a beach or something entirely different, it’s virtually a universal delight. Almost as universal however, is the desire for a unique trip. Few folks actively pursue the “cookie-cutter” experience, tredding the well-worn path of the same sights, restaurants, accomodation and photos.

So, here’s our list of our favourite slightly left-field options…

Museo Subaquatico de Arte (Underwater Museum) – Grenada, West Indies
Founded in 2006, this sub-acquatic sculpture park is both haunting and beautiful. If you’ve always struggled with traditional museums, this might be the one that gets you over the edge (and is it just us, or do some of those sculptures look a lot like members of Davy Jones’ crew?).

Palio de Siena – Siena, Italy
Originating in 1581, Il Palio as it’s known locally is a traditional bare-back horse race run in Siena’s town square (Piazza del Campo) twice a year – July 2 and August 16). Seventeen Contrade (teams representing different areas across Siena) compete although only ten horses run in any given race. Crowds are passionate, the winner jockey is an instant superhero, absolutely no purebred horses are allowed and with that exception, there are very nearly no rules (jockies are encouraged to do everything to prevent their oponents from winning, including pulling them from their steeds). Whilst you’re in Siena, make sure you visit Duomo di Siena – it’s a striped cathedral made in layers of black and white marble.

Mt Yasur – Tanna Island, Vanuatu
It’s an ACTIVE VOLCANO people… and you can explore it. Boom! It’s not necessary to stay on Tanna island though – you can stay in Port Vila if you wish.

Acqua Alta – Atlantis Venice, Italy
When the canals of Venice spill over into the laneways and squares. Outside rare, detrimental occurences, acqua alta is not damaging to Venice and the waters come and go inside about two hours. Venetians typically take acqua alta in their stride and raised boardwalks are erected to allow pedestrian traffic to move around the city. It’s more likely to occur in Winter than at other times of the year.

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